Proven Factors for Your Security Program

Watch the replay of our live broadcast to learn highlights from the Security Outcomes Report.

Event overview

Wouldn't it be great if you could pull together thousands of your cybersecurity peers from all over the world and speak candidly to find out what works for them? Well, now you can, in this engaging live broadcast that covers our new cybersecurity report. Poised for Success: Proven Factors for Your Security Program.


Learn more about our lineup of inspiring speakers, industry veterans, C-suite executives, and special guests.

Mike Hanley

Chief Information Security Officer, Cisco

Wendy Nather

Head of Advisory CISOs at Cisco

Wade Baker, PhD

Partner, Cyentia Institute

Summit agenda: What you'll learn


  • The 2021 Security Outcomes Study findings:
    Learn why this study of 4800 security and IT professionals is different.
  • Top factors driving the best security outcomes:
    Find out which practices rank most effective--and which are making the least difference.
  • Practices that contribute strongly to security program success:
    We found quite a few unexpected correlations.
  • What matters and what doesn't:
    We identify difficult-to-implement and ineffective measures.


2021 Security Outcomes Report

Get the full report on the findings from our double-blind study of 4,800 security and IT profressionals. 

Regional data reports

View the survey results specific to the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, healthcare and financial services. 

Security Stories podcast

Discover the unique, strange, and often hilarious stories behind what it takes to lead cybersecurity efforts in an organization.