Diversity in Cybersecurity

Our e-book explores the wonderful cybersecurity career paths that professionals take in the industry.

What we cover

Education and background

Some consider a degree in cybersecurity or related field essential, but we challenge the idea that there is one path to a successful job in cybersecurity.

What about certifications?

Certifications and accreditations are important, but a passion for cybersecurity should not be discounted. There's more than one way to get your foot in the door. 

Start now

Ever feel like it's too late to find a job in cybersecurity? We provide examples of individuals who transitioned into cybersecurity later in life and how they parlayed experience in other industries.

Advice for my younger self

Contributors to our e-book share tips that will benefit both early-in-their-career cybersecurity professionals and seasoned industry veterans. 

A mosaic of career possibilities


There is no one path to a job in cybersecurity--and that's not a bad thing. Learn more about the wonderful ways cybersecurity professionals ended up in the industry.

More career resources

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