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Cisco Cyber Defense Clinic

Both hacking and defense strategies are evolving at a rapid pace. To truly understand them, students and professionals alike need hands-on interaction with the latest tools to hone their cybersecurity expertise.

Cisco offers a unique opportunity for individuals to work with an advanced set of automated, integrated cybersecurity technologies. Participants will see popular hacking tools in action and gain experience defending critical data.

Cisco cyber threat comics

To help understand why cyber attacks occur and demonstrate common attack scenarios, Cisco created a series of comic books. The technology and security concepts in these comics are real, and most are covered in Cyber Defense Clinic labs.

Read Volume 1 (PDF)

Meet Mr. Black and his team as they plan to exploit the vulnerabilities of the HackMDs hospital. The story line follows modules in the Cyber Defense Clinic. 

Read Volume 2 (PDF)

Mr. Black wants revenge against the CEO who fired him. Can the HackMDs SOC stop him from gaining access to healthcare equipment while the CEO is treated?   

Read Volume 3

Mr. Black tries to abuse HackMDs's mandatory work-from-home order. Can investments in secure access service edge (SASE) and DevOps save the hospital from a massive data breach?

Paths to hands-on cyber threat learning

Ready for a hands-on experience that teaches why you need security solutions? We have labs with topics that include ransomware, web exploitation, and insider threat defense. Technologies include Cisco, Splunk, Radware, IBM, and Rapid7. 

Request a lab now

Gain first-hand knowledge on cyber attack and defense concepts, including ransomware, phishing, hacking tools, breach detection, incident response, and the latest defense technologies. 

Request to run an event

High school teachers, university professors, and others who educate the future IT professionals: Put in a request to host a cyber defense clinic for your organization. 

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