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Case Study: Telstra

Bringing an interconnected future
to Australia

Cisco data center technologies is helping a leading telecommunications and technology company in Australia create an interconnected future for its customers.



  • Operate data retention and data analytics across three data center sites for one of the largest data storage platforms in Telstra
  • Ingest customer metadata and data from over 100 data sources in Telstra for this platform and process it for queries from 200 concurrent users
  • Migrate to a software-defined network and virtual network functions with end-to-end automation
  • Meet regulatory and legal requirements for data retention on a tight timeframe
  • Implement application-driven policies across site deployments


  • Efficiently expanded compute and network infrastructure
  • Faster and lower cost platform expansion
  • Centralized orchestration, software-based network solutions, and end-to-end automation

What they're saying

We're looking forward for potential product that can help us to achieve centralized orchestration, software application-based solutions, and end-to-end automation.

Amy Ding, Chief Domain Architect, Telstra

Who is Telstra?

Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Australia
Size: 32,000 residents
Website: www.telstra.com