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Case Study: City of Copenhagen

Intersection in Copenhagen at night

21st century citizen experience

With more than 8.5 million visitors annually, the city of Copenhagen wanted to redefine the citizen and visitor experience. With Cisco's help, the city enhanced the way people connected and interacted with the city.


A scooter driving down a street in Copenhagen


  • Enhance the city experience through digital solutions that promote connectivity, sustainability, and mobility
  • Implement green initiatives with converged solutions that share real-time data
A woman checks her phone on a cobblestone street


  • Connected citizens, tourists, and businesses with prevalent wireless access
  • Increased convenience and reduced congestion with real-time lighting and parking management
  • Reduced the use of CO2 emissions with a connected city infrastructure
A couple walks down the street looking at a phone

What they're saying

"City infrastructure digitization improves citizen experiences and reduces carbon emission making Copenhagen the place where new businesses want to invest and where new residents want to move to."

Morten Kabell, Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs, City of Copenhagen
Sun shining on the canal in Copenhagen

Who is the City of Copenhagen?

Industry: Local government
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Population: 763,908

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