Cisco Billing and Measurements Server

End-of=Engineering-Support for BAMS v 2.6X

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Product Bulletin No. 2001

Product Bulletin No. 2001

End-of-Engineering-Support Bulletin for
BAMS version 2.6X

The Packet Telephony and Call Control (PTCC) business unit announces the end-of-engineering-support of Billing and Measurements Server (BAMS) versions prior to 3.0 effective May 22, 2003. BAMS versions prior to version 3.0 are no longer orderable through Cisco. BAMS is an integral component of the PSTN Gateway (PGW) node.

End-of-engineering support means that bug fixes and integration with other components will not be performed on BAMS 2.6X from May 22, 2003 onward. TAC will work trouble calls through May 22, 2005.

Any customer who has BAMS 2.6X deployed is urged to upgrade at their earliest convenience and to contact their account manager for assistance.