Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Virtual Edge

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Extending ACI Policy into the Virtual Domain

Virtual Edge, the next generation application virtual switch (AVS), is hypervisor agnostic and handles switching and policy enforcement for the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). The Virtual Edge brings the Cisco ACI policy model, security, and visibility to the virtual infrastructure with no dependency on proprietary APIs.

Features and Capabilities

Hypervisor agnostic

Consistent feature set across physical and virtual workloads is independent of which hypervisor customers choose.


Configure granular security policies for virtualized applications, and dynamically detect threats based on predefined business policies or known signatures.

Application visibility

Built-in modules make it easier for admins to discover application ports and assist in the definition of granular security policies. They also provide dynamic protection against security breaches.

Investment protection

Seamlessly migrate applications running any existing infrastructure to Cisco ACI with minimal disruption.

Security for Virtual Network Layer

Read about granular security policies for virtualized applications.

Hypervisor-Agnostic Virtual Switch

Implement consistent policies across on-premises and cloud applications.

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