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Cisco Cable Troubleshooter 1.0 Fact Sheet


Fact Sheet

Cisco Cable Troubleshooter 1.0

Cisco Cable Troubleshooter provides a graphical, portable application for diagnosing a hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) network. This tool enables a radio frequency (RF) technician to quickly isolate plant and provisioning problems, as well as to characterize upstream and downstream trouble patterns. A technician can also identify "flapping" cable modems or set-top boxes---those experiencing persistent connectivity problems.

Cisco Cable Troubleshooter is part of the end-to-end Cisco solution for managing cable and multiservice networks. This solution also includes the Cisco Cable Manager product, which provides fault, performance, and configuration management for Cisco cable solutions. Both of these new products complement the CiscoWorks solution, which provides baseline management capabilities for Cisco routers and the Cisco Subscriber Registration Center (CSRC) tool for provisioning cable modems.


  • Network operations center (NOC)---Cisco Cable Troubleshooter is an ideal solution for remote monitoring of the HFC plant and cable modems connected to a Cisco uBR7200 series cable modem termination system (CMTS). The real-time status summary and cable modem flap list enable NOC technicians to view related problems (see Figure 1), prioritize them, and resolve them appropriately.

  • Headend or remote site---Technicians working at a headend or other remote site can use Cisco Cable Troubleshooter with a laptop computer and network connection. By viewing the same status information as NOC technicians, a field technician can speed problem resolution and ease maintenance of the cable plant.

Figure 1: The Flap List Analysis Display in Cisco Cable Troubleshooter Presents Summary Statistics on Upstream Communications and a Categorized List of Cable Modems Currently Experiencing Problems

Features and Benefits

Table 1 shows the key features and benefits of the Cisco Cable Troubleshooter product.

Table 1  Key Features and Benefits
Feature Benefit
  • Automates monitoring of the cable plant, cable modems, and set-top boxes

  • Summary statistics on each upstream port present a real-time snapshot of network health

  • On-demand query of subscriber information allows correlation of device-specific statistics with the subscriber name and location

Increased customer satisfaction through preemptive troubleshooting

  • Unique, patent-pending flap list identifies cable modems that experience persistent problems

  • Sorts flapping modems into four categories to identify problems in provisioning, noise, or attenuation in the reverse path and packet corruption

  • Tabular displays have sortable columns that help identify trouble patterns and priorities

Reduced troubleshooting time and cost

  • Available on both Solaris and PC platforms

  • Can be used by technicians in a NOC or in the field to distribute troubleshooting workload

  • Point-and-click interface and HTML-based online help

Increased maintenance efficiency

System Specifications and Requirements

Cisco Cable Troubleshooter runs on either Solaris workstations or PCs.

  • Solaris Ultra-5 workstation configured with:

    • Solaris 2.6 operating system

    • CD-ROM drive

    • Minimum 256-MB RAM

    • Minimum 50-MB hard disk space

  • Desktop or laptop PC configured with:

    • Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT

    • CD-ROM drive

    • Minimum 64-MB RAM

    • Minimum 50-MB hard disk space

Supported Network Elements

  • CMTS---Cisco uBR7223 and Cisco uBR7246 running Cisco IOS® software Version 11.3NA and later

  • Cable access routers---Cisco uBR904 and Cisco uBR924

  • Cable modems---DOCSIS-compliant cable modems and set-top boxes

Cisco Service and Support

Service and support for Cisco Cable Troubleshooter is available through the Cisco Software Application Services (SAS) program. These services provide 24-hour technical assistance, full access to the information and support resources on the Cisco Connection Online (CCO) Web site, and software maintenance updates within a single release. Available as an option are advanced Software Application Support Plus Upgrades, which include proactive shipment of all minor (update) and major (upgrade) product releases.

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