Cisco Subscriber Registration Center Device Provisioning Registrar

EOL Cisco Subscriber Registration Center 1.0, No. 1954

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Product Bulletin, No. 1954

End-of-Support Schedule

Replacement Product Overview

Cisco BPR

Replacement Part Numbers

Product Bulletin, No. 1954

End-of-Sales and Support Announcement
Cisco Subscriber Registration Center 1.0

This announcement does NOT apply to CSRC Device Provisioning Registrar or Cisco Broadband Provisioning Registrar products.

As part of Cisco's hardware sales enablement strategy, Cisco has aggressively delivered network management solutions that span the service provider market. Cisco Subscriber Registration Center (CSRC) 1.0, released in July 1999, was the first subscriber provisioning product to target the service provider space designed to automate the provisioning of high speed data services to cable subscribers. Cisco Broadband Provisioning Registrar (BPR) has replaced this earlier version provisioning application, providing much higher scalability and performance while enabling the provisioning of new devices and technologies. With the successful introduction and acceptance of this new BPR device provisioning platform, Cisco is announcing the end of sale and support of the CSRC 1.0.x offering. Core functionality provided by CSRC has been replaced with this new BPR product.

CSRC 1.0 had been Cisco's major product for cable subscriber device provisioning. Cisco BPR now provides the core provisioning functionality found in CSRC 1.0, but additionally provides a provisioning API, an embedded datastore, redundant caching of device information, support for Voice and ETTx provisioning, and a decentralized architecture. Sales of the CSRC 1.0 product were discontinued in April 2001. Support has continued for existing customers with the CSRC 1.0 product during the transition period. However, with the release of Device Provisioning Registrar (DPR) in April 2001 and BPR in March 2002, periodic updates and enhancements to CSRC 1.0 were discontinued. Cisco recommends that customers make new network management investments in the BPR product, and has provided an upgrade and promotional path to assist customers in acquiring the BPR provisioning applications.

Sites currently running CSRC 1.0x should plan for that transition as soon as possible. Cisco's technical support (TAC) and Cisco Connection Online (CCO) information will continue for CSRC 1.0 through its full transition period ending on January 1, 2003. For more information on the specific support of the CSRC 1.0x to BPR transition, contact your Cisco account team or BPR Product Manager.

End-of-Support Schedule

The following table provides the CSRC 1.0 end-of-support schedule.

Target Date
End of sale for nonupgrade and exchange part numbers

April 30, 2001

End of sale for CSRC 1.0x SAS contracts

April 30, 2001

End of maintenance

December 31, 2002

Last day of TAC support

December 31, 2002

The following table provides the list of all CSRC 1.0 part numbers impacted by this End-of-Support announcement.

Part Number



CSRC-1.0 software and license to support 12,500 subscribers


CSRC-1.0 software and license to support 25,000 subscribers


CSRC-1.0 software and license to support 50,000 subscribers


CSRC-1.0 software and license to support 100,000 subscribers


CSRC-1.0 software and license to support 500,000 subscribers

Replacement Product Overview

Cisco BPR

Cisco BPR is a highly scalable, high performance provisioning application that offers a decentralized architecture with built-in subscriber device caching and failover capabilities.

Replacement Part Numbers

The following table provides information on replacement part numbers for CSRC 1.0.

Product Code

Product Description


BPR platform supports 25K nodes (RDU, CNR, and 1 DPE)


BPR platform supports 100K nodes (RDU, CNR, and 1 DPE)


BPR platform supports 250K nodes (RDU, CNR, and 1 DPE)


BPR platform supports 500K nodes (RDU, CNR, and 2 DPE)


BPR platform supports 1 million nodes (RDU, CNR, and 4 DPE)


BPR platform supports 3 million nodes (RDU, CNR, and 12 DPE)


BPR platform supports 5 million nodes (RDU, CNR, and 20 DPE)


BPR data license supports 25K data nodes


BPR data license supports 100K data nodes


BPR data license supports 250K data nodes


BPR data license supports 500K data nodes


BPR data license supports 1 million data nodes


BPR data license supports 3 million data nodes


BPR data license supports 5 million data nodes


BPR voice license supports 25K voice nodes


BPR voice license supports 100K voice nodes


BPR voice license supports 250K voice nodes


BPR voice license supports 500K voice nodes


BPR voice license supports 1 million voice nodes


BPR voice license supports 3 million voice nodes


BPR voice license supports 5 million voice nodes


BPR tech license supports provisioning 25K customCPE nodes


BPR tech license supports provisioning 100K customCPE nodes


BPR tech license supports provisioning 250K customCPE nodes


BPR tech license supports provisioning 500K customCPE nodes


BPR tech license supports provisioning 1 million customCPE nodes


BPR tech license supports provisioning 3 million customCPE nodes


BPR tech license supports provisioning 5 million customCPE nodes


Device Provisioning Engine appliance

Information on the BPR product and upgrade options can be found at: