Cisco IOS Packaging

Cisco IOS Packaging Image Removal: Weak-Encryption (k8) Images

Product Bulletin No. 2276

Cisco IOS Packaging Image Removal
ford Weak-Encryption (k8) Images

Cisco IOS® Packaging Image Removal is part of the company-wide Cisco IOS Packaging initiative. The goal of this program is to simplify the Cisco IOS Software image selection process by removing low-volume images from, and to direct engineering resources towards high-volume images.

This Product Bulletin serves as notification for the discontinuation of Cisco IOS Software weak-encryption (k8) images due to low demand. This change applies to all hardware and all Cisco IOS Software Releases.

Strong encryption (k9) Cisco IOS Software images have been identified as the migration path for weak encryption images. The weak encryption (i.e. DES) is a configurable option in strong encryption images.