Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.2 Special and Early Deployments

Cisco Software Release 12.2(18)SV on the Cisco ONS 15500 Series

ONS 15500 Product Bulletin - No. 2307

Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(18)SV on the Cisco ONS 15500 Series


This product bulletin outlines the hardware and software features supported in Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.2(18)SV on the Cisco ONS 15500 Series metro optical platforms. Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(18)SV is an ED release (XED) that it is optimized for the Cisco ONS 15500 Series.

The Cisco ONS 15500 Series includes the ONS 15530 Multiservice Aggregation Platform and ONS 15540 Extended Services Platform. They are highly scalable, dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM), multiservice aggregation and transport platforms. They aggregate storage networking, data networking, and legacy applications over an ultra-high, bandwidth intelligent optical infrastructure. The Cisco ONS 15500 Series provides flexible, scalable, and highly available optical networking for current and future high-performance, bandwidth-intensive networking applications.

Features at a Glance

Hardware Support

The Cisco IOS 12.2(18)SV release for the ONS 15500 Series supports the following hardware:

Product  Product Codes  Description 
New Low-band Variable Rate Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) Optics


ESCON / Fast Ethernet/ OC-3 STM-1 1310nm Multimode - LC



ESCON / Fast Ethernet/ OC-3 STM-1 1310nm Single Mode - LC

These new low-band variable rate small form-factor pluggable optics expand the protocol coverage for the ONS 15540 Type II transponder by now supporting all popular low-speed data rates including IBM Sysplex Timer, OC1, OC3/STM1, Fast Ethernet, and ESCON.

In addition, the ONS 15530 10-port ESCON aggregation card now supports both single mode and multimode ESCON interfaces.

Software Support

The Cisco IOS 12.2(18)SV release for the ONS 15500 metro optical DWDM platforms supports the following software features:

Feature  Description 
Extended distances via buffer-to-buffer credit support

Based on the advanced buffer-to-buffer credit spoofing technology, the ONS 15530 significantly increases the distances supported for a disaster recovery solution based on the Fibre Channel and FICON protocols up to 320 km over a metro DWDM network. This enables scalable business continuance solutions to be deployed over longer distances with maximum link utilization.

Industry-leading aggregation of IBM Coupling Facility Links

The ONS 15530 8-port FC/FICON/GE Aggregation Card now has the ability to also aggregate IBM Coupling Facility Links (ISC-1 and ISC-3 Compatibility Mode) providing an efficient and cost-effective way to consolidate control links used in IBM GDPS storage solutions over a single DWDM wavelength.

Release Notes can be found at:

Cisco ONS 15530:

Cisco ONS 15540 ESPx:

Ordering Information

The Cisco IOS 12.2(18)SV release for the Cisco ONS 15500 metro optical DWDM platforms includes the following software.

Platform  Product Number  Release 
ONS 15530



ONS 15540 ESPx



SMARTnet Customers


SMARTnet customers are entitled to a software update, which is described as a new release version of the customer last-purchased feature set. For customers wanting increased functionality, an upgrade to the new feature set will be required.


Cisco helps SMARTnet customers get upgrades quickly through If customers are upgrading from one feature set to another, they must place an order for the purchase of the appropriate Technology Use or Feature Licenses before downloading the software.

Non-SMARTnet Customers


Customers who wish to increase the level of functionality beyond their current feature set must order a software product code along with any appropriate feature licenses.

Downloading Cisco IOS 12.2(18)SV Software Release from Cisco

Registered users may download the Cisco IOS 12.2(18)SV software release for the Cisco ONS 15530 and Cisco ONS 15540 ESPx platforms at when available. This release is scheduled for January 2003.

Those customers eligible for software upgrades under warranty, and who do not have service contracts will need to contact the Cisco Technical Assistance Center at 800 553-2447 or