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12.1(1)XD Product Bulletin

Product Bulletin, No. 1095

Cisco IOS X-Release 12.1(1)XD


This Product Bulletin describes the content and delivery information concerning Cisco IOS(TM) software release12.1(1)XD. The 12.1(1)XD is a short lived Early Deployment (ED) release parented to 12.1(2)T and supporting Cisco AS5400 and uBR910 platforms. This release contains all new features delivered in 12.1(1)T up to 12.1(2)T.

The features delivered with this release will be incorporated into the 12.1(3)T release, but 12.1(1)XD represents a release vehicle that provides these features both sooner, and based off the 12.1T IOS train. It is important to note that there are no planned maintenance releases for this ED release. In addition, please note the migration path to the latest T release. Customers should prepare to upgrade using this migration path.

New Features in Cisco IOS Release 12.1(1)XD

The following features will be delivered in the initial release of 12.1(1)XD.

Table 1: Cisco IOS Release12.1(1)XD New Features

New Feature Cisco 5400 Cisco ubr 910



uBR914 Cable DSU


Please see the next section for documents that address details on these new features. Any ED release of software should be utilized first in a test network before being deployed in a production network.

Detailed Information


Cisco AS5400 Universal Gateway provides superior density, price, and performance for universal access pools. Customers are offered best-of-breed scalability and investment protection via the broadest support of worldwide services such as V.92, ISDN, Fax, Voice over IP (VoIP), Cellular, and SS7.


The uBR910 Series of Cable DSUs allows a router with a serial WAN interface to connect to broadband services offered by a cable company. The uBR910 Series will eventually have three versions, a 19" rack mount uBR914 with modular interface, a fixed configuration uBR912-S and a fixed configuration uBR912-C. This IOS release is aligned with the FCS of the uBR914. UBR912-S and -C versions will become available with future releases.


Cisco IOS software release 12.1(1)XD follows the standard Cisco support policy as indicated in the following link.

Product Numbers

Table 3: Cisco IOS Release 121.1(1)XD Feature Sets, Images, and Memory Recommendations

  • Platform Software Feature Set Product Code Image Flash DRAM

    Cisco AS5400 Series IOS ENTERPRISE PLUS



    32 MB

    128 MB


    Cisco uBR910 Series IOS IP



    8 MB

    32 MB

Download Information

Customers can download Cisco IOS Release 12.1(1)XD software from Cisco Connection Online (CCO) in the Software Image Library.

Special Note to Customers


Even though the AS5400 is supported in this image, product general availability will not be available until calendar Q3, 2000.


The uBR910 Cable DSU is based on the industry-wide DOCSIS standard. Those using the uBR910 for broadband cable services must ensure that the cable operator is using a DOCSIS standard-based CMTS in their headend.