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CiscoView 6.0

Q. What is CiscoView 6.0?

A. CiscoView is a Web-based graphical device management application that provides monitoring and configuration features for Cisco internetworking products (switches, routers, hubs, concentrators, and access servers). CiscoView aides network management by displaying a physical view of a Cisco device, allowing users to easily interact with device components to change configuration parameters or monitor statistics. Features include:

  • CiscoView uses an entirely browser-based interface. Users can access full CiscoView functionality from any Internet Explorer browser.
  • Continuously updated physical view of routers, hubs, switches, or access servers in a network regardless of physical location.
  • Color-coding of device ports for at-a-glance port status, allowing users to quickly grasp essential information.
  • Graphical, real-time monitoring of key information and data relating to device performance, traffic, and environmental usage with metrics such as utilization percentage, frames transmitted and received, errors, and a variety of other device-specific indicators.
  • Configuration of device parameters modified through dialog boxes opened by visually selecting the port, card, or chassis graphical image.
  • Scheduled on or demand device support via the Web-based Package Support Updater (PSU) feature without having to purchase and install new versions of CiscoView.

Q. What's new in CiscoView 6.0?

A. CiscoView 6.0 has several new features including:

  • Mitigation of plug-in issues by providing an HTML-based client.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Common device selector

Q. What products will use CiscoView 6.0?

A. CiscoView 6.0 will be sold as an integral part of the CiscoWorks Small Network Management Solution and will not be sold as an individual product.

Q. What are the advantages of the browser interface to CiscoWorks CiscoView?

A. No matter where you choose to install the CiscoView server application, multiple users can simultaneously access CiscoView from almost anywhere on the network—using just an Internet Explorer browser.

Q. What monitoring and configuration tasks can CiscoView accomplish?

A. CiscoView will give you SNMP information about your device. You can configure any supported SNMP Management Information Base (MIB) variable. CiscoView also monitors key statistics about your device, such as backplane utilization and errors. Alternatively, you can Telnet to a managed chassis.

Q. Where can I get technical support and product updates?

A. Cisco makes all CiscoView documentation and support available on its Web page at: products/sw/cscowork/ps4565/index.html. From this page, you will find links to software updates, online product documentation and other information.

Q. Can I use the same CiscoView 5.X device packages with my new CiscoView 6.0?

A. Yes. CiscoView 6.0 has a backward compatible architecture with CV5.X.

Q. How many members of a network team can use CiscoView 6.0 concurrently?

A. Approximately ten, depending on the server size and polling load.

Q. Does CiscoView 6.0 require any setup in my browser?

A. A current browser version that is supported must be used. Also, a plug-in used for performance enhancement will be installed the first time CiscoView is opened.

Q. Can CiscoView 6.0 be accessed remotely?

A. Yes. You can access CiscoView from a browser anywhere on your network.

Q. How can access to the CiscoView 6.0 application be controlled?

A. CiscoView uses the same security foundation as all other CiscoWorks applications.