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Announcing CiscoWorks for Windows 6.1, #1852

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Product Bulletin, No. 1852


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Product Bulletin, No. 1852

Announcing CiscoWorks for Windows 6.1

Cisco Systems announces the availability of CiscoWorks for Windows Version 6.1.

CiscoWorks for Windows is a Web-based network management solution that provides a powerful set of monitoring tools for small workgroups containing Cisco networking products (switches, routers, hubs, and access servers). Enhancements in version 6.1 release improve the performance and scalability of the network discovery mechanism, reporting architecture, and map rendering.

Popular features from CiscoWorks for Windows 6.0 in the current version include:

Web interface and desktop launch integration for all applications

Improved security for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) trap receiver and Apache Web server

Hierarchical maps available on both console and client

Auto-discovery of devices using an improved SNMP implementation that simplifies map creation and improves communication with devices

Show commands and Threshold Manager applications provide user templates and allow for customization to an individual user's needs

CiscoWorks for Windows is one of two solutions offered to customers with smaller Cisco based networks. CiscoWorks Small Network Management Solution (SNMS), includes many of the features of CiscoWorks for Windows, and also provides centralized management of configurations, software, and utilities to manage inventory information and log changes made to the network. CiscoWorks for Windows is a great starting point for network management. SNMS adds centralized multidevice tools for up to 20 concurrent Cisco devices. Both solutions complement the enterprise-level solution offered with CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution.


CiscoWorks for Windows 6.1 will begin shipping on August 5, 2002. Customers interested in purchasing the new or upgrade products can place orders through their normal sales channels (see below for information) beginning July 25, 2002.

Existing CiscoWorks for Windows 6.0 customers with current Software Application Support (SAS) contracts can request the associated update kit using their service contract number at beginning August 1, 2002.

Table 1 provides part number information for ordering CiscoWorks for Windows 6.1:

Table 1  Part Numbers for CiscoWorks for Windows 6.1

Part Number

CiscoWorks for Windows 6.1; includes WhatsUp Gold 7.0, and CiscoView 5.4


Upgrade kit for CWW 5.0 customers who want to upgrade to CWW 6.1


Minor update kit for customers that purchased CWW 6.0 and now want new device support and application updates


SAS service contract for CWW 6.x; provides TAC support, CCO Software Center access, and minor updates

Existing Products Affected

With the availability of CiscoWorks for Windows 6.0, Cisco is announcing the end-of-sale (EOS) for the following products:

Part Number



CiscoWorks for Windows 6.0; includes WhatsUp Gold 6.0, and CiscoView 5.3


Upgrade customers from CiscoWorks for Windows 5.0 to CiscoWorks for Windows 6.0

End-of-Sale Date: August 26, 2002

Lasdt Date of Support: August 26, 2005

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