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Announcing End of Support for Cisco TrafficDirector, No. 1943

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Product Bulletin, No. 1943

Product Bulletin, No. 1943

Announcing End of Support
for Cisco TrafficDirector

Cisco Systems discontinued the sale of its Cisco TrafficDirector application when the Cisco nGenius Real-Time Monitor (RTM), the CiscoWorks replacement for Cisco TrafficDirector, was introduced in early 2001.Cisco is now announcing that March 31, 2003 is the end-of-support date for Cisco TrafficDirector. Cisco will continue to provide Cisco TrafficDirector customers that have active Cisco Software Application Support (SAS) contracts with bug fixes, technical assistance, and support through March 31, 2003.

Cisco Cisco TrafficDirector End of Support—March 31, 2003

Cisco nGenius RTM, the Cisco replacement for Cisco TrafficDirector, is a Web-based, real-time performance monitoring, fault isolation and troubleshooting tool. In addition to its multiuser, Web-server architecture, it includes two key applications: the Cisco nGenius Traffic Monitor and the Cisco nGenius Packet Analyzer. Both applications are integrated in the Cisco nGenius graphical user interface (GUI) and can be launched by IT and network managers to perform specific network monitoring and troubleshooting tasks. The RTM client-server-based architecture, improved usability and scalability, new features supporting Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data), and comprehensive Catalyst switch support for mini-Remote Monitoring (RMON) users offer Cisco TrafficDirector customers a powerful, unified tool to simplify and exercise control over the management of their networks. Cisco is offering RTM version 1.4, the most current version of RTM, in CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 2.2.

For customers that want to replace their Cisco TrafficDirector applications with RTM version 1.4, Table 1 shows the part numbers to order.

Table 1  RTM Version 1.4 Part Numbers

If you are using
Included in
Order the following part number to obtain RTM version 1.4
Part number description

Cisco TrafficDirector 5.8.x

LMS 2.0


Minor update kit for LMS 1.x and 2.x for Windows and Solaris; Includes updates to LMS 2.x components. The LMS update kit installer will determine if DFM 1.x exists and update it to the latest version. LMS 1.x customers that desire Device Fault Manager (DFM) will need to purchase the LMS 2.2 Upgrade Kit instead.

RWAN 1.x


Minor update kit for customers that purchased Routed WAN (RWAN) 1.x; kit includes support for Windows and Solaris platforms; includes updates to all components


LMS 1.x


See description for CWLMS-MAY03-MR-K9



Upgrade kit for LMS 1.x customers that want to upgrade to LMS 2.2; kit includes support for both Windows and Solaris platforms; kit provides DFM to LMS 1.x customers


Campus Bundle 3.x


See description for CWLMS-2.2-UP-K9

Cisco SAS customers with a CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (LMS) or Routed WAN Management (RWAN) solution can obtain RTM at no additional cost by ordering the minor update kits referenced in Table 1.

Cisco TrafficDirector customers who are migrating to RTM and who are also seeking long-term trending and reporting tools to complement the real-time monitoring and packet analysis capabilities found in RTM can choose from several third-party partner solutions offered by Concord Communications, InfoVista, and NetScout Systems.

For assistance during this transition, Cisco RTM customers can contact their Cisco sales representative or support manager, or send an e-mail to the Cisco TrafficDirector end of support team at RTM 1.4 is the Cisco recommended replacement for Cisco TrafficDirector. More information about RTM is available at: