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Announcing CiscoWorks QoS Policy Manager 3.0, #1912

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Announcing CiscoWorks

QoS Policy Manager 3.0

Cisco Systems announces the availability of CiscoWorks QoS Policy Manager (QPM) 3.0. CiscoWorks QPM ensures end-to-end quality of service (QoS) by combining traffic monitoring and configuration of Differentiated Services (Diff-Serv) for voice, video, and data applications by taking advantage of the QoS mechanisms built into Cisco routers and switches.

With this release, QPM will have two purchasing options. QPM with a 20 device restriction offers a more cost-effective solution for smaller networks such as IP telephony pilots. CiscoWorks QPM unrestricted is designed for enterprise production network deployments.

The following features are new in CiscoWorks QPM 3.0:

  • Traffic monitoring for setting and validating QoS—Measures traffic throughput for top applications (e.g. SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft) and service classes (e.g. business critical) plus troubleshoot problems with real-time and historical QoS feedback.

  • Web-based centralized traffic management--Secure Web-based interface allows accurate end-to-end QoS configuration and automated, reliable policy deployment, as well as monitoring at different points in the network.

  • Advanced user administration and security—Centrally define user roles and permissions with linkage to Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) for view, edit, and deployment privileges per device group.

  • IP telephony QoS set-up wizard— Intelligently determines QoS policies and properties at each network point that requires IP telephony QoS configuration. Policies are based on Cisco AVVID design recommendations.

  • Advanced QoS policy administration—

    • Policy process now includes option to preview common QoS functions for a group of different devices and IOS versions.

    • Output file with QoS statistics for advanced analysis

    • Backup QPM database to a remote server


CiscoWorks QPM 3.0 restricted and unrestricted will start shipping September 24, 2002. Customers interested in purchasing this product can place orders through their normal sales channels beginning September 12, 2002.

Ordering Information

Table 1 contains part numbers commonly used to order CiscoWorks QPM 3.0. This product includes strong encryption technologies, which are restricted for some types of U.S. export.

Table 1: Ordering Information for CiscoWorks QPM 3.0
Part number Description

CiscoWorks QPM 3.0 for Windows; unrestricted device usage; one server installation license


CiscoWorks QPM 3.0 for Windows; 20-device restricted usage; one server installation license


Upgrade CiscoWorks QPM 1.x or 2.x to QPM 3.0 unrestricted; one server installation license


Conversion of a CiscoWorks QPM 3.0 20-device restricted usage license to unrestricted device usage license


SAS Service contract for QPM 3.0 unrestricted; provides TAC support, CCO Software Center access, and minor updates


SAS Service contract for QPM 3.0 restricted; provides TAC support, CCO Software Center access, and minor updates

Note  QPM 3.0 is categorized by Cisco's service program as a major release (X.x.x) and therefore is not an entitlement to customers holding SAS type service contracts on QPM 2.x. Major upgrades can be purchased using the above "URUP" part number.

Existing Product Affected

With the availability of CiscoWorks QPM 3.0, Cisco is announcing the end of sales (EoS) for the products listed in Table 2. Support contracts that will be continued for older versions are indicated in the table.

Table 2: Product EOS Dates
Part number Description EOS End of support

CiscoWorks QPM 2.1

September 13, 2002

September 2005*


CiscoWorks QPM 2.1 upgrade

September 13, 2002

September 2005*

Note *Support may require customers to move to a higher product version for resolution.

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