CiscoWorks QoS Policy Manager

Announcing QoS Policy Manager 2.1

Product Bulletin, No. 1381

QoS Policy Manager 2.1

Cisco Systems announces the availability of CiscoWorks2000 QoS Policy Manager (QPM) 2.1 for Windows.

A key enabler of Cisco end-to-end quality of service (QoS) for enterprise networks, QPM 2.1 delivers streamlined, centralized policy control and automated reliable policy deployment.

The new CiscoWorks2000 QPM 2.1 application includes:

  • Comprehensive support for voice over IP (VoIP) in Enterprise networks that now includes:

    • IP Telephony templates that contain predefined QoS policies to easily and accurately provision end-to-end priority service for voice

    • Support for Catalyst® 4224 and Catalyst 4000 Access Gateway Module.

  • Class-based weighted fair queuing (CBWFQ) for ATM interfaces, sub-interfaces and virtual circuits

  • Extensive QoS for Content Networking by supporting NBAR on Cisco 2600 and 3600 routers as well as dNBAR for VIP interfaces.

  • Greater QoS policy management at the network edge including excess rate policing, support for Catalyst 3524XL, 2900XL, Catalyst 6000 with Distributed Forwarding Card (DFC), Catalyst 6000 configured with Supervisor Cisco IOS® 12.1(6)E or later, and traffic shaping and limiting on Catalyst 4003/4006 with layer 3 services engine.


QPM 2.1 will begin shipping June 20, 2001. Customers interested in purchasing this solution can place orders through normal sales channels (see below for ordering information) beginning June 13, 2001.

Existing QPM 2.0 customers with current Software Application Support (SAS) contracts can request the upgrade using their service contract number at beginning June 13, 2001.

Ordering Information

Part Description

QoS Policy Manager 2.1 for NT, Win2K


QoS Policy Manager 2.1 for NT and Win2K; upgrades from QPM 1.1


Cisco SAS service contract for QPM 2.X

Existing Products Affected

With the availability of CiscoWorks2000 QPM 2.1, Cisco announces the end of sale for the following products:

Part Description

QoS Policy Manager 2.0 for NT


QoS Policy Manager 2.0 for NT; upgrades from QPM 1.1


Cisco SAS service contract for QPM 2.0 for NT

Product Information: