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Announcing QoS Policy Manager 2.0, No. 1212

Product Bulletin, No. 1212

Announcing QoS Policy
Manager 2.0 Availability

Cisco Systems introduces the next generation release of QoS Policy Manager (QPM). A key enabler of Cisco end-to-end quality of service (QoS) for enterprise networks, QPM 2.0 replaces QPM 1.1 and adds new QoS policy management functionality.

The new Cisco QPM 2.0 application includes:

  • An improved graphical user interface (GUI) to deliver streamlined, centralized policy control and automated reliable policy deployment

  • Additional support for voice applications in Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data) networks including Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ) with LLQ, IP real-time transport protocol (RTP) Priority, Frame Relay Traffic Shaping (FRTS)/generic traffic shaping (GTS), rate limiting, as well as LFI, FRF, and cRTP

  • More NBAR support to extend QoS for Content Networking, including filtering for new protocols, coloring, and rate limiting

  • Greater QoS policy management at the network edge including Virtual LAN (VLAN) classification, 1P2Q2T traffic scheduling, and support for Catalyst 6000 with Multilayer Switch Feature Card (MSFC) and FlexWAN, 4003/4006 with L3 services engine, 2948G-L3 and 4908G-L3

  • Extended network and application security through access control policies

  • Reliable and controlled QoS deployment through uploading existing device configuration, configuration change previewing, and automated policy distribution

  • Superior policy administration including activating QoS mechanisms on intelligently grouped LAN and WAN interfaces, defining access control list (ACL) ranges, device configuration change detection, and restore/apply a previous version of a policy database

  • Operating system support for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows NT, as well as 95/98 remote clients

  • Extensive Cisco IOS® software and Catalyst® operating system support, as well as support for more than 20 different Cisco devices.

Product Availability

QPM 2.0 will begin shipping November 8, 2000.

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QoS Policy Manager 2.0 for NT, Win2K


QoS Policy Manager 2.0 for NT and Win2K; upgrades from QPM 1.1

QPM 2.0 delivers significant enhancements at an attractive upgrade price for those customers already using QPM 1.1 and who would like to take advantage of new features.

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