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See why your data center and cloud strategy are critical to IT transformation.

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By 2018, cloud data centers are on track to process 78 percent of workloads. This explosive growth makes the data center and cloud critical to the overall future of your business.

Five levels
of cloud adoption

Increasing cloud adoption can yield significant
measurable benefits to your bottom line.

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IDC and Cisco interviewed more than 3500 companies across 17 countries to analyze their business outcomes and cloud environments, based on industry, company size, and geography.

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Manage growing
IT demands

Discover a modular IT solution that provides crucial automation to optimize your business, help you deliver new features, and expand into new markets.

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Are you
intercloud ready?

Unlock the value of the Internet of Everything by enabling workload portability to connect across multiple clouds—private, public, and hybrid.

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Improving global access

The Salvation Army rapidly delivers applications and services around the globe. (2:11 min)

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Manufacturing, transformed

FANUC is transforming manufacturing with next-generation cloud applications.
(1:36 min)

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Simplifying complexity

LightEdge Solutions streamlines management of complex cloud environments. (3:26 min)

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Cisco cloud solutions help you evolve your cloud strategy
to meet tomorrow’s business challenges.

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