Cisco Connected Rail

Faster Decision Making

Real-time analytics for rail brings data closer to the network edge

Faster Decision Making

Improve Safety and Operations While Increasing Ridership

Cisco Connected Rail solutions help you achieve a wide range of safety, mobility, and efficiency objectives:

  • Keep passengers and employees safe
  • Provide onboard passenger Wi-Fi, entertainment, live scheduling, high-speed voice and video, and more
  • Converge multiple networks into a single IP network for greater interoperability, improved communications, simplified management, and lower costs
  • Meet governmental and industrial safety compliance requirements

As rail operators like you introduce new business models and value-added services to increase ridership, you can count on Cisco to deploy highly secure, flexible IP networks. Our ruggedized routers, switches, access points, and video cameras are being deployed at trackside, in stations, and on trains.


Cisco Transportation Smart Solution for Rail

Cisco Transportation Smart Solution (TSS) for Rail is the underlying architecture for a set of highly secure validated network designs. Our building-block approach means you can start with any combination of solutions, and add others later. Validated network designs minimize deployment risk and speed time to market.

TSS includes Cisco and third-party network products, and Cisco Services designed specifically for rail and mass transit. Today, TSS includes Cisco Connected Rail and Premium Mobile Broadband.

Cisco Connected Rail Resources

Cisco IoT System Products for Rail

Many of the products in the Cisco Connected Mass Transit solution belong to the Cisco IoT System portfolio, a comprehensive set of products and technologies based on a systems approach that helps to enable stronger security, reduced integration costs, and accelerated innovation.

Network Connectivity for Rail - Switching

Network Connectivity for Rail - Routing and Mobility Wireless Access Points for Rail Connected Safety and Security for Rail More Cisco Solutions for Rail

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