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Cisco Connected Rail

What makes us unique

Cisco Connected Rail can help you achieve safety, mobility, and efficiency objectives. Get an end-to-end architectural framework, from trains to tracksides to stations. Build on existing architecture -- there's no set starting point. Work with Cisco Validated Designs to get tested products that meet the highest standards and suit your real-world scenarios.

Connected Rail solutions

Upgrade your existing network piece by piece or all at once through a single, end-to-end converged network. 


Improve retail offerings, revenue streams, security, and wireless access. Integrate multiple in-station networks.


Gain security, predictive maintenance, train control and operations, and wireless access.


Enhance security, wireless access, and passenger services or applications (main-line and metro rail) on trains.

See how it all comes together

Use the portfolio explorer to discover our solutions to see how you can use our technology for rail and mass transit.

Modern architecture

Architecture highlighting the business use cases in Cisco Connected Rail.

Product-focused Architecture

Get a more product-focused architecture for trains, trackside, and stations.

Customer success stories

Network Rail moves past legacy network

"It’s really about understanding how we can do the next generation of services over the same infrastructure." - Craig Ellis, Head of Engineering and Technology, Network Rail

Transforming public transit in Austria

“We decided to build on our existing Cisco network and channel its agility and simplicity to incorporate new security, mobile, and analytics technologies that help us achieve our goals and gain greater business insight.” - Georg Linhard, Project Manager, Linz AG Telekom

Critical elements of success

Learn how Cisco is implementing high-speed Wi-Fi onboard trains.

Cisco Validated Designs

Minimize your deployment risk with a solution that has been pressure-tested and validated in real-world scenarios.


Connectivity is an irreversible trend. Learn to think beyond the network perimeter and move faster to strengthen security.

Connect the dots

Learn how Cisco is improving rail companies’ ridership, customer experience, and predictive maintenance.

News and events

Preparing for future transport

Cisco's Barry Einsig discusses the three most important initiatives for the future of transportation.

The transportation of tomorrow

Kyle Connor lays out 5 predictions, including AI, machine learning, data monetization, and mobility-as-a-service models.

Getting ahead of the game

Learn from cities heavily investing in transportation.

Implications of cyber attacks

Nearly 50% of organizations outsource some or all of their security tasks to offset a lack of internal expertise.

3 types of partners you need

Maciej Kranz from Cisco sheds light on how an IoT partner ecosystem can help you build a faster tomorrow.

Funding transportation projects

Learn about grants for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) projects and how to win one.