Industrial wireless products: IW9167E, IW9165E, and IW9165D

Cisco Industrial Wireless

Wireless with no limits

One size does not fit all. Find industrial wireless solutions that work for all your needs wherever you need them.

Connect your assets anywhere

Break through barriers with Cisco Industrial Wireless solutions, no matter how challenging the environment or how tough your applications' requirements are.

Wireless where you need it

Deploy our industrial IoT wireless products in the presence of dust, water, vibration, and extreme temperatures or in constrained spaces.

Wireless for what you need

Connect cameras and laptops outdoors, robots in manufacturing, teleremote applications in ports and mines, low-power sensors in wide areas, and more with our breadth of wireless technologies.

Wireless that is fast, reliable, and secure

Get an exceptional IoT wireless network experience with our built-in security, innovative patented technology for reliability, and support for the latest technologies—now and tomorrow.

Comprehensive wireless solutions

Avoid the cost, complexity, and security risks of combining technologies from different vendors. With Cisco, you're supported by one comprehensive wireless portfolio.

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Take a peek at the possibilities with our technology

Industrial wireless products: IW9167E, IW9165E, and IW9165D.

Industrial wireless solutions that fit your needs

Cisco Catalyst IW9165E Rugged Wireless Client

A Wi-Fi 6 client with 6 GHz hardware support to reliably connect your moving assets.

Cisco Catalyst IW9167 Heavy Duty Series Access Points

Rugged Wi-Fi 6 access points with 6 GHz hardware support, to connect your most critical applications anywhere.

Cisco Catalyst IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Points

A Class I, Division 2–rated Wi-Fi access point for hazardous locations.

Cisco 6300 Series Embedded Services Access Points

An access point designed for integration with your hardware solutions.

Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul

Get ultra-reliable wireless connectivity with low latency and seamless handoffs for any application, anywhere.

Cisco Industrial Routers

Industrial routers for public and private cellular connectivity.

Cisco LoRaWAN solutions

Long-distance wireless connectivity for battery-powered IoT devices.

Cisco Resilient Mesh

Wi-SUN­–compliant 802.15.4 field area network for critical infrastructure.

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