Cisco Unified IP Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Get the Power of IP-Based Communications with IVR

Cisco Unified IP Interactive Voice Response (IP IVR) is designed to enhance the efficiency of your organization by simplifying business process integration, increasing flexibility, and providing efficiency gains in network hosting. Enabled by the Cisco Unified Communications backbone, and tightly integrated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, the Cisco Unified IP IVR provides:

  • The power of open standards with intelligent IVR application development and management software
  • Enhanced call control, platform management, speech integration and reporting services
  • Comprehensive database integration and customization capabilities to explore complex customer segmentation strategies
  • Ease of installation, configuration, and IVR service creation
  • Highly available, secure, and virtualized platform for mission-critical self-service requirements

Cisco Unified IP IVR removes the constraints enforced by legacy PSTN circuit-based IVR applications by IP-enabling IVR applications and creating connections to web-based content. Cisco Unified IP IVR is constructed specifically to exploit the power of IP-based communications. With the powerful service-creation environment, enterprises can rapidly develop and deploy IVR applications to provide advanced self-service and enhanced call control applications to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Primary Business Advantages

  • Helps ensure unique, personalized IVR service to each customer based on customer data in your enterprise
  • Helps reduce the cost of customer service through state-of-the-art IVR self-service capabilities
  • Easy-to-use IVR service creation environment helps dynamically adapt to changing business requirements

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