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Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise have traditionally enabled companies to distribute inbound service volume to a variety of termination points, including automatic call distributors (ACDs), interactive voice response systems (IVRs), home agents, and network terminations. The addition of the Cisco Outbound Option -- with its combination of outbound dialing modes -- complements the powerful inbound call-handling capability of the Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise and Unified Contact Center Enterprise with a robust outbound call management solution.

The ability for agents to handle both inbound and outbound contacts offers a way to optimize contact center resources. The Cisco Outbound Option enables the multi-functional contact center to include outbound campaign solutions that take advantage of the enterprise view that Cisco Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise maintain over agent resources.

Outbound dialing and call blending are vital to companies that desire outbound capabilities and demand maximum utilization of contact center resources. Combining the power of Cisco Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise, Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and CTI, the Cisco Outbound Option provides the ability to design complex outbound campaigns, maximize the use of skilled agents, utilize individual dialing modes, and deliver rich call contact information to a best-in-class CTI desktop. This combination enables businesses to achieve higher levels of productivity and customer satisfaction -- continuing the evolution towards a true Customer Interaction Network.

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