Cisco MediaSense

Capture the Conversation

Efficiently gather and cost-effectively analyze business intelligence from your contact center's thousands of customer conversations each day.

Video Data Sheet

Video Data Sheet

Learn how Cisco MediaSense provides network-based multimedia capture, streaming, and recording. (3:02 min)

Use Cisco MediaSense to record, play, stream, and store media, including audio and video. This open-standards, network-based platform helps you capture conversations for:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Quality management
  • Service optimization
  • Agent training
  • Real-time analytics

Cisco MediaSense provides:

  • An efficient, cost-effective foundation to help you capture, preserve, and mine conversations for business intelligence
  • Infrastructure for real-time monitoring of customer conversations with contact center supervisors
  • Simple APIs that implement open web standards, extensible with partners' value-added applications
  • Dual-stream recording of both sides of a conversation as separate but correlated entities for speech analytics

Cisco MediaSense records conversations on the network rather than on a device. This simplifies the architecture, lowers costs, provides optimum scalability, and facilitates use by analytics applications from Cisco technology partners.

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