IOx and Fog Applications

Cisco IOx and Fog Applications

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Cisco IOx and Fog Applications

Easily Develop and Deploy Fog Applications

Cisco IOx

IOx combines Internet-of-Things (IoT) application execution within the fog and offers highly secure connectivity with Cisco IOS technology, as well as powerful services for rapid, reliable integration with IoT sensors and the cloud.

By bringing application execution capability to the source of IoT data, customers can overcome challenges with high volumes of data and the need for automated, near-real-time system responsiveness. IOx allows application developers to work in the familiar Linux application environment, in their choice of languages and programming models, with familiar open-source development tools.

Cisco IOx

Fog Applications

Fog applications offer customers and ecosystem partners the ability to transform IoT sensor data and perform control functions within the distributed network infrastructure. With the support of IOx included in routers, switches, and compute cards, the distributed IoT network can function as the compute environment for fog applications. Examples of deployed fog applications include site asset management, energy monitoring, and smart parking.

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