SAN Consolidation

Consolidate a SAN Data Center Infrastructure

The Cisco MDS 9000 Family of SAN consolidation solutions can help you reduce business risk, improve agility, and lower costs.

Multiprotocol storage networking lowers business risk and costs, and offers multiple connectivity options. These include:

These SAN consolidation options are all supported within the same modular Cisco MDS 9500 chassis.

Improving Scalability and Flexibility

Enterprise-class storage connectivity provides scalability of up to 528 ports in a single Cisco MDS Multilayer Director 9513 chassis. ANSI T11-based virtual SANs (VSANs) let you separate a large physical fabric into multiple, smaller virtual fabrics. Each fabric has its own set of fabric services, using hardware-based data and control plane isolation.

Extending Network Services

Services-oriented SANs extend any network service to any device, regardless of protocol, speed, vendor, or location. These network services include:

Simplifying Operations

Cisco NX-OS Software and Cisco Fabric Manager provide operational simplicity, transparent interoperability, and feature consistency across these products:

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