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High Capacity 400G Data Center Networking

Get more bandwidth, more features with 400G switching done right. See how the high-speed, high-performance 400G Nexus portfolio meets different architectural needs.

Nexus 400G meets a full range of architectural needs

400G web-scale data centers

Cost-effectively build high-density 100/400G fabrics for web-scale customers.

400G Cisco ACI architecture

Get high-bandwidth fabrics with all the advantages that come with the automation, visibility, assurance, and security functions of ACI fabrics.

Maximum flexibility

Gain investment protection with flexible options across web-scale and enterprise workloads. Get 100G now and 400G for tomorrow.

Explore the Nexus 400G portfolio

Nexus 9316D-GX

  • 1 RU switch
  • 16 ports of 400G
  • Ideal for 400G Cisco ACI spine

Nexus 93600CD-GX

  • 1 RU switch
  • 28 ports of 100G and 8 ports of 400G
  • Ideal for 100G Cisco ACI leaf, with connectivity to 400G ACI spine

Nexus 3408-S

  • 4 RU switch
  • 8-slot chassis optimized with compact aggregation via LEMs to run as leaf or spine

Nexus 3432D-S

  • 1 RU switch
  • 32 ports with native 10/40/100/400G and break-out 2 x 200G and 4 x 50/100G

News and events

More bandwidth, more features

Cisco unveils 400G switching done right. 

Terabit-scale Ethernet

Cisco makes Terabit Ethernet networking a reality with 400G technology.