Cisco Nexus 3550 Series portfolio

When lightning-fast is still too slow

Create reliable ultra-low latency networks when success is measured in nanoseconds.

When every nanosecond counts

Design a more efficient network with Cisco Nexus 3550 Series platforms, switches, and adapters.

Reduce latency

FPGA-based platforms, switches, and next-generation adapters reduce layer 2 and 3 latency to nanosecond and picosecond.

Customize for your app

Build network offload into your application with a powerful firmware development framework.

Precision performance

Meet your most critical application performance demands with multiplexing and high-resolution time-stamping.

Software-defined hardware

Combine platform performance with software programmability and agility.

Cisco Nexus 3550 Ultra low latency switches, devices and platforms

Fast—and programmable

Cisco Nexus 3550 Series

FPGA-based platforms, switches and multiplexers are designed for critical low-latency network applications.

Nexus SmartNICs

FPGA-based Network Interface Cards (NICs). Ideal for ultra-low latency, high-resolution time-stamping.

Nexus Firmware Development Kit (FDK)

Create custom applications and intelligent features for Nexus 3550 Series and SmartNICs.

Nexus FDK Ultra low latency platform

Make it your own with Nexus FDK

Bring your Nexus ultra-low latency platform to life. Design your own feature extensions, firmware upgrades, and custom applications, all guided by a powerful development framework.


The future of fast

The Cisco Nexus 3550 portfolio has everything you need to build specialty ultra-low latency applications.