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IEEE 802.1 Data Center Bridging

Get Standards-Based Extensions to Ethernet Bridging

IEEE 802.1 Data Center Bridging (DCB) is a collection of standards-based extensions to classical Ethernet. It provides a lossless data center transport layer that helps enable the convergence of LANs and SANs onto a single unified fabric.

In addition to supporting Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), DCB can enhance the operation of iSCSI, network-attached storage (NAS), and other business-critical storage traffic.

Improve Flexibility in the Data Center

The DCB framework defines the capabilities for switches and endpoints to be part of a data center fabric. It includes:

  • Priority-based flow control (PFC, IEEE 802.1Qbb)
  • Enhanced transmission selection (ETS, IEEE 802.1Qaz)
  • Extensions to the Link Layer Discovery Protocol standard (IEEE 802.1AB) that support Data Center Bridging Capability Exchange Protocol (DCBX)

Cisco has pioneered and is leading the development of important data center bridging concepts and facilities within the IEEE, IETF, and ANSI T.11 standards bodies. These efforts are helping to develop and promote multivendor, interoperable data center solutions.

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