Data Mobility

Simplify Data Migration

Online data migration is a challenging task, due to the downtime associated with current migration tools. Prolonged downtime is difficult to schedule, because application availability is so crucial to business success.

A transparent, non-disruptive migration strategy is imperative for deployment flexibility and to support the dynamic enterprise growth.

Enhanced Flexibility

Cisco Data Mobility Manager provides an innovative solution for transparent data migration without additional virtualization layers. It offers the flexibility to support a wide variety of applications in a timely manner.

Cisco MDS 9000 Data Mobility Manager is a SAN application designed to help move blocks of data from a source device to a destination device. The application's transparent insertion feature makes it possible to initiate and perform data movement:

  • Without any configuration changes to the host, the SAN, or the array
  • With minimal disruption to the application
  • Without needing support from systems, database, or applications administrators

Cisco Data Mobility Manager is implemented on these Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch components: