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Q. What is Cisco's cloud portfolio?
A. The Cisco cloud portfolio is a unified cloud platform that combines Cisco Unified Data Center and Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network to deliver Cisco Cloud Services. In each area, Cisco announces new solutions: helping to enable cloud Services, Unified Data Center (Cloud Management Platform), Cloud Intelligent Network (Cloud to Customer Connect, Cloud to Cloud Connect, and Cloud Network Management and Automation) as well as unified capabilities across the clouds.
Q. Where can I find additional information?
A. Visit these websites:

• Cisco Cloud Computing:

• Cisco Service Provider Cloud:

• Cisco Unified Computing System:

• Cisco Unified Computing System:

Q. How does Cisco view Cloud?
A. We live within a connected world that has many different clouds, where IT can dynamically provide innovative services and people can collaborate and consume content on-demand. A network or a data center alone can't deliver on the full promise of the cloud - they must work together to enable dynamic, agile cloud services. Virtualization within a single data center is just the beginning. To seamlessly weave together traditional IT with the private, public, and hybrid clouds, a cloud fabric is required to optimize resource pools on-demand.
Q. What does Cisco bring to Cloud?
A. Cisco's strategy is to enable our customers and partners with a cloud platform that combines unified data centers and cloud intelligent networks with cloud applications to deliver cloud services by enabling unique capabilities: within the cloud, between clouds and beyond the cloud to the individual.
Q. Is Cisco providing an Infrastructure as a Service offering?
A. No, Cisco is not looking to compete with its customers and partners in this area unlike other network and server equipment vendors. Cisco helps our customers to build and operate and offer their own IaaS services for private and public clouds.
Q. Will these new products/solutions be compatible with existing infrastructure and software?
A. Cisco designs and test solutions on open standards and has a strong partner ecosystem to integrate Cisco offerings into installed cloud solutions.
Q. What Cisco Cloud solutions are available today?
A. These solutions are available:

• Hosted Collaboration Solution

• Infrastructure as a Service

• TelePresence

• Virtual Experience Infrastructure (VXI)

Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network

Q. What is the Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network?
A. Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network is an end-to-end network that has intelligence and scalable policies built in to provide consistent and secure user experiences, irrespective of user location and the number of cloud platforms involved in the service delivery.
Q. What does Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network provide?
A. Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network helps service providers to deliver a guaranteed experience for public cloud customers by enlisting a policy-based network that encompasses application-, subscriber-, and device-awareness to ensure the end-user experience.

Cisco Network Positioning System

Q. What is the Cisco Network Positioning System?
A. Cisco Network Positioning System exposes the underlying intelligence in the network to cloud-based applications and management solutions. This helps operators to locate and use the best resources from the cloud by providing real-time information that includes:

• Network proximity: Identifying resources based on hops and distance for both physical and logical topologies

• Network performance: Identifying resources based on accessibility, latency, packet loss, and historical performance

• Network capabilities : Providing a global view of resource availability, with real-time updates across multiple data centers

Q. What are the benefits of using the Cisco Network Positioning System?
A. The Cisco Network Positioning System optimizes consumption of network resources, increases application performance, and lowers costs to the service provider. It exposes intelligence from the network, providing application information about the optimal path to content so that the best resources can be used by cloud services.
Q. Is Cisco Network Positioning System available today?
A. Yes, Cisco Networking Positioning System is available now.
Q. What products are required for the Cisco Network Positioning System?
A. Cisco Network Positioning System works between data centers connected by the Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS) and Cisco Aggregation Services Routers (ASR).