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Cisco Managed Services Accelerator

Services made simple

Cisco Managed Services Accelerator is a multi-tenant, multi-service, cloud-native, service creation and delivery platform that helps service providers quickly, easily, and cost-effectively develop and deliver managed services to business customers.

Riedel Networks launches SD-WAN service with
Cisco Managed Services Accelerator

Riedel increases appeal of networking services portfolio by providing a solution that can result in substantial savings for their customers, especially those implementing a hybrid network model.

Benefits of using Managed Services Accelerator

Increases services security

Reduces service time to market

Reduces service operational expenses

Increases service agility, simplicity,
and differentiation

How you can use Managed Services Accelerator

Managed Devices

Quickly and easily onboard Meraki devices from the cloud in a multi-tenant environment.


Develop, deploy, and manage a multi-tenant Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) service.

SD-Branch (vBranch)

Deploy a multi-service, multi-vendor virtual branch (vBranch) with Cisco Enterprise Network Compute System (ENCS).

Managed Services Accelerator Features


Simple service creation platform

Using MSX, service providers can create entirely new services from scratch or leverage pre-built service packs from Cisco. MSX can be up and running with minimal integration costs and time, offering an unlimited range of future services based on both virtual or physical network functions from both Cisco and third-parties. And MSX supports the simultaneous delivery of multiple services to multiple customers.



One-time integration for all services

MSX provides two critical levels of integration: one-time integration to the Service Provider OSS/BSS, and one-time integration into the Orchestration Services framework. Both of these are required in order to deploy and manage services securely and effectively. Without MSX in place, the Service Provider would have to do this over and over again for every new service offered, a process that can take months and incur large operational expenses.



Automated orchestration

MSX automates service delivery to ensure low operating costs, eliminate configuration errors, and provide a smooth end-customer experience. Once a user specifies a desired service, MSX can deliver that new service with a simple mouse click. End-users can make sweeping changes to a service in the end-user portal and MSX can then reconfigure thousands of devices if necessary. MSX leverages Cisco NSO for reliability and flexibility, so service providers who have already adopted NSO will find it easy to create new service packs.



Virtual, physical, and third-party function support

While some systems only cater to virtual network functions or physical devices, MSX supports both. In fact, a single end-user service might include a combination of virtual networking functions and physical networking functions. MSX implements powerful service models for Cisco and third-party devices using Cisco NSO and open REST APIs. Because MSX is an open platform, service providers can easily add VNFs or physical devices from third parties, integrate with external systems, and develop their own services based on underlying third-party technology.


Vodafone launches new SD-WAN service with
Cisco Managed Services Accelerator

Using Cisco Managed Services Accelerator, Vodafone is first in Europe with Cisco SD-WAN.

Why service providers look to Cisco Managed Services Accelerator to simplify managed services

At Cisco Live 2018, Cisco engineer Wayne Ogozaly talks to theCube’s Stuart Miniman about the challenges service providers face in driving new revenues and  attracting new customers and how Cisco’s Managed Services Accelerator can help speed time to market and reduce costs.

Verizon announces SD-WAN service using Cisco Managed Services Accelerator

Deliver secure, high-performance virtualized services with agility

Verizon + Cisco SD-WAN workshop for enterprises

Learn how Cisco and Verizon are working together to enable enterprises to make the network work. Sign up for the Readiness Workshop today.



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