Cisco Managed Services Accelerator

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Cisco Managed Services Accelerator (MSX) is a multi-tenant, multi-service, cloud-native, service creation and delivery platform that helps service providers quickly, easily, and cost-effectively develop and deliver managed services to business customers.

Features and benefits

Faster time to market

Creates new services with minimal integration efforts and supports the simultaneous delivery of multiple services to multiple customers.

Reduced costs

Integrates into the Service Provider OSS/BSS and Orchestration Services framework one time only, saving ongoing development and integration costs.

Better customer experience

Automates service delivery to reduce operating costs, eliminate errors, and provide an exceptional end-customer experience.

Greater service agility

Supports both virtual and physical network functions, alone or as a combination of both.

MSX ROI Calculator

Use the tool below to describe your usage across the key services to calculate the TCO and ROI across Time to Revenue, project Breakeven and Gross Margin analyses.

The Opportunity Cost analysis covers:

  1. Cisco TCO (HW + SW + MSX + Support) – Cost tab
  2. General ROI based on global managed service pricing – Revenue tab
  3. Cost assumption to develop key MSP capabilities to offer these 3 services (Service provisioning and configuration, Multi-tenancy, Role-Based Access Control, etc) – Cost assumption in the ‘without MSX’ scenario on the Cost tab

NEW, Time calculation tab: We made a calculation that captures the operational efficiency of MSX automation as a time savings across the three key categories of service creation, device provisioning and day 2 management. This calculation takes into account time to complete an operation with and without MSX and projects the difference as the time savings in percentage points. Each of the three categories has a number of operations that we analyzed to get to a percentage saving for a given category. This is the Time calculation on the right hand side.

Your Usage

Service Mix

Your Savings with MSX

MSX Revenue vs Cost Compare


With MSX
Without MSX
Cumulative Cost
Cumulative Revenue
with MSX

What MSX customers have to say

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Cisco MSX is a multi-tenant, cloud-native, service creation and delivery platform for service providers.

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