Security Advisory Services for Risk and Compliance

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Understand Your Security Risks and Manage Compliance

As security becomes more complex, having a robust risk and compliance management program is essential.

Cisco Security Advisory Services can help you understand the risk profile of your organization, and whether it aligns to your risk tolerance. We assess risks internal to your operations, as well as those from third parties, and help you learn how to manage rigorous compliance requirements. With this knowledge, you can make more effective risk decisions about how you connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Protect Critical Assets

The Cisco Security Segmentation Service provides a strategic infrastructure segmentation approach starting from your business objectives. This approach allows your organization to manage risk, simplify your audit profile, and protect data and applications in today’s hyper-connected and complex environment.

Our Information Security Assessment Services help you maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical business assets. We identify and assess IT risks based on compliance drivers, business context, and security requirements.

Manage Risks of Connected Business

Our Third-Party Risk Management Services provide assurance that third-party relationships do not expose you to unacceptable levels of risk. Our proven methodologies help you understand and manage third-party risk throughout the entire relationship lifecycle so you can engage with the most risk-appropriate organizations.

Promote Compliance

Cisco’s Regulatory and Internal Compliance Services help you understand your information technology and operational controls in relation to various regulatory and industry requirements. Whether PCI, HIPAA, or other regulatory frameworks, we can help align controls across multiple standards in an efficient manner to reduce audit fatigue and improve your compliance posture.