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Updated:January 5, 2021

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Updated:January 5, 2021


Accelerate your SecureX value

Cisco SecureX is a cloud-native, built-in platform experience within your Cisco security products and connects to your infrastructure so you can have simplicity, unified visibility, and maximized operational efficiencies to secure your network, endpoints, cloud, and applications. To have an effective incident response practice, you must ensure your people, processes, and technologies work seamlessly together but, integrating those entities effectively can be challenging. With the Cisco Automation and Orchestration Services for SecureX you gain access to industry experts who can help guide your team in connecting, integrating, and optimizing your security practices while simultaneously accelerating your success with SecureX.


Trusted guidance

Ensure your SecureX strategy, implementation, and optimization projects are tailored to achieve your business outcomes.

Flexible delivery

Utilize different service delivery options, both onsite and virtually, to meet your needs.

Security expertise

Partner with industry-leading experts to enhance your security posture.

Improve your security posture with automation

Automating common workflows and queries helps your SOC team focus on investigating and analyzing threats. With SecureX, you gain the ability to identify automation opportunities and build custom playbooks across Cisco and multi-vendor solutions. By partnering with our security experts, you ensure that any custom automation work is specifically tailored to your needs and outcomes so you can accelerate your success with SecureX.

The Cisco Automation and Orchestration Services for SecureX are made of two distinct offerings to fit your specific needs:

“Art of Possible” Workshop and Software Development

Cisco’s automation experts consult with you via a remote workshop to identify your current and desired incident response procedures. Next, the Cisco integration and automation engineering team will provide expert recommendations and build custom workflows within SecureX to automate your team’s manual tasks across Cisco and multi-vendor solutions. Once these workflows are implemented, you receive one year of Cisco Software Support on the custom workflow so if an underlying component changes, or something goes wrong, you get support from the team you built the solution.

“API and SecureX Automation” Competency Builder

This personalized training helps your team build the skills they need to implement advanced security automation workflows. Cisco automation experts partner with your team to share industry insights, best practices, and conduct training. You can select a Cisco-designed curriculum or create the training agenda yourself. If desired, you can supplement your training with hands-on learning labs that leverage multiple Cisco products via API.

Strengthen your SOC with Advanced Services

We also offer a variety of advisory and implementation services that help you strengthen the capabilities of your SOC. Our security services help you accelerate your deployment, configuration, and integration timelines while providing industry-leading insights and guidance on latest trends and security practices. We realize that SOCs are more than the technologies they use. Our services can help you benchmark the effectiveness of your SOC and create customized plans for improvement while keeping your processes, technologies, and people in mind. When the worst happens, having a response process that is built on customized playbooks and tailored solutions provides clarity and operational efficiencies during critical moments.

      The Security Operations Center Advisory Service helps you develop and define your SOC strategy as well as integrating SecureX into your SOC. By partnering with Cisco industry experts, you ensure your design and implementation plans accelerate the effectiveness and operational efficiencies within your SOC.

      Cisco Talos® Incident Response Services enhance your visibility and threat intelligence so you can plan, prepare, and respond to incidents identified through SecureX with help from experts at Cisco Talos.

With Cisco Advanced Services you gain

Deep expertise

Insights and expertise in the latest technologies, combined with in-depth knowledge of your industry.

Delivery at scale

Proven ability to deliver complex projects of any size, on time, anywhere in the world, both in person and virtually.

Multi-domain, multi-vendor support

We bridge the gap between multivendor solutions by engaging partners and third-party vendors to break down silos and create a seamless approach to integration.

Innovation and agility

A flexible and pragmatic approach to delivery that helps you realize results faster and accomplish your goals sooner.

Next steps

      To learn more about Cisco Automation and Orchestration Services for SecureX, contact your sales representative.

      If you are interested in our additional services to help accelerate your SOC, browse our security services on

Additional resources

      DevNet Automation Exchange: Engage with Cisco and other developers in this active forum to share and learn about SecureX automation solutions.

      Cisco Talos Vulnerability Information and Reputation Center: Gain access to investigative insights and expansive threat data to help you identify potential malicious threat actors on your network.

      Cisco Security Certifications: Empower your teams and enhance their s kills by enrolling them in job-specific courses to help them better protect your organization.

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