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Cisco Modeling Labs

Start your Network DevOps journey

Cisco Modeling Labs v2.0 is now available

Cisco Modeling Labs is the premier platform for modeling both Cisco and non-Cisco networks. With an underlying architecture built to support both large and small networks, Cisco Modeling Labs allows you to reduce your lab cost and increase the productivity of your network management team.

A completely new simulation platform

Cisco Modeling Labs - Enterprise v2.0 is a ground-up rewrite of the Cisco Modeling Labs network simulation platform. The system has been redesigned as a server-side model, with a thin HTML5 client interface.

The new system revolves around the concept of a lab, which is created and modified on the server. This allows the user to change a simulation even after it has been started. The lab also maintains a persistent state, even when stopped. This is useful for crypto or license keys or other modified package installs.

Cisco Modeling Labs is a scalable and extensible software platform for designing, simulating, and testing network models. The platform uses advanced virtualization technology, using KVM as the hypervisor. Cisco has developed a proprietary fabric and orchestration engine to run simulations of both open source and Cisco Reference Platforms, including Cisco IOSv, NX-OSv 9000, IOS XRv 9000, IOS XE (CSR 1000V), and ASAv.

A comprehensive API

With Cisco Modeling Labs - Enterprise, you can:

  • Create models and what-if scenarios for real-world and future networks.
  • Use Cisco IOS network operating systems with routers and switches.
  • Connect virtual and physical environments.
  • Have multiple engineers working within the same simulation environment.
  • Run third-party images within the simulation.
  • Use the included API to make CML-Enterprise a key part of a Net DevOps Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery value chain.

Network simulation made easy

Network engineers with minimal to intermediate networking knowledge can take advantage of Cisco Modeling Labs - Enterprise.

Benefits include:

  • On-premise application
  • Increased uptime with what-if scenarios
  • Decreased deployment time of new services
  • On-demand access to resources
  • Hands-on experience and training
  • Reduced lab footprint to be more green

Typical use cases include:

  • Design and simulation of network changes
  • Pretesting network updates prior to physical deployment
  • Test bed for application and device network interfacings
  • Simulation of production networks and troubleshooting in a simulated network
  • Internal operator practice with a virtual network
  • CI/CD Automation

Specifications (minimum configuration)

System Resource Minimum Requirements (default configuration)
Network 1 Interface
CPU* 4 (physical cores)
*Must support VTx and EPT or AMDv and RVI. These CPU flags are required for nested virtualization.
Memory 8 GB
Hard Disk 16 GB or more
Hardware Version OVA hardware version is 10. Review Supported Software table, for a list of supported Virtualization Platforms.

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Supported Software

Virtualization Platform Version
VMware Workstation 14 or later
VMware Fusion Pro 10 or later
VMware Player 14 or later
VMware ESXi 6.5 or later
Browser HTML5 capable browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)*

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Number of cores and memory requirements

The number of cores and memory requirements for your simulations depend on:

  • Type and number of virtual machines concurrently active
  • Number of routing protocols
  • Timers sets within the configurations
  • Amount of traffic generated

Go to https://developer.cisco.com/modeling-labs for more information

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