Cisco Learning Credits

Cisco Learning Credits

Cisco U.

Tech learning, shaped to you.

Cisco U.

Tech learning, shaped to you.

What are Cisco Learning Credits?

Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) are prepaid training vouchers redeemed directly with Cisco that make planning for your success easier when purchasing Cisco products and services.

Whether you're an individual or part of a team, CLCs ensure you have the tools you need to maximize success/value with your Cisco solutions.

1 CLC = $ 100 USD
Expire one year from date of issuance
Managed by Team Captains in LCMT

How to use Cisco Learning Credits

You can redeem Cisco Learning Credits for:

Instructor-led training

2 – 5 day training taught by instructors across Cisco’s certifications and technologies.

Cisco U.

Discover the dynamic impact Cisco U. can have on teams of all sizes.

Cisco exam vouchers

12-month vouchers for Cisco certification exams, redeemed directly through Pearson VUE.

Cisco certification prep

Courses, exam reviews and bundles to help prepare for Cisco certifications and exams.

Cisco training bootcamps

Tailored program designed to accelerate customers' approach to automating their environments.

Guided study groups

Associate-level certification preparation that includes synchronous and asynchronous learning and support.

Cisco Live

Cisco’s world-renowned customer and partner conference that provides education on Cisco products, allows attendees to make connections, and creates inspiration.

Cisco Modeling Labs

Virtualization platform that allows users to learn, design, test and troubleshoot.

Customized offerings

Tailored and customized offerings that accelerate your team and/or organization's goals.

Learning Credits Management Tool (LCMT)

Manage Cisco Learning Credits

Track Transactions

Validate Redemptions

Generate Reports

Cisco Customer Loyalty

Reward your employees with training opportunities that will optimize your company’s investment in Cisco products and services.

Frequently asked questions and additional information

Who accepts Cisco Learning Credits?

Cisco Learning Credits can be redeemed for a number of different offerings directly through Cisco. For a complete list, you can review the training catalog, reach out to your Learning BDM or email us.

What is a team captain?

A Team Captain is an assigned representative of a company and is able to view, approve, and manage Cisco Learning Credits on their company’s behalf. There are two types of Team Captains: A Team Captain Designated Admin (TCDA) and a Team Captain Other (TCO).

Every account must have TCDA, and the user’s email address must align to the company’s email address. In addition to viewing, approving, and managing CLCs, a TCDA can also assign others to view the account.

A TCO is an optional role assigned by the TCDA. This user can view, approve, and manage CLCs.

Neither role can be filled by a Cisco employee.

How do I redeem Cisco Learning Credits?

Customers with CLCs can redeem them for Cisco authorized training directly from the site, by reaching out to their Learning-BDM, or by emailing us.

How can I buy Cisco Learning Credits?

There are two ways to purchase Cisco Learning Credits:

  1. At the time of purchase, you may obtain Cisco Learning Credits, which are redeemable for high-quality training directly from Cisco Training Services.
  2. You can also purchase Cisco Learning Credits as a stand-alone order on CCW.

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How much do Cisco Learning Credit cost?

Cisco Learning Credits are valued at US $100 each and sold in packs of 10, 100, 500, and 1,500. The Learning Credits, part numbers and pricing are outlined in the following chart:

Part Number Learning Credits List Price (USD)
TRN-CLC-000 10 $1,000
TRN-CLC-001 100 $10,000
TRN-CLC-002 500 $50,000
TRN-CLC-003 1500 $150,000
TRN-CLC-004 1 $100

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*Prices subject to change without notice. Cisco reserves the right to add, change or discontinue any product from its price lists.

How do I manage Cisco Learning Credits?

You can manage your Cisco Learning Credits through the Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT). Use this tool to:

  • Register your Cisco Learning Credits, track transactions, validate Learning Credit redemptions, and generate reports.
  • Maintain precise records of collective and individual training statistics.
  • Manage the overall training purchase with monthly statements of account activity.


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