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Cisco Learning Credits

Effective after June 14, 2021, customers may redeem Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) directly with Cisco for training and/ or learning offerings, or they can work directly with Learning Partners without the use of CLCs as a form of payment. For more details, see the Team Captain FAQs, reach out to your Learning-BDM or email us.

The ideal way to plan your team's training

Cisco Learning Credits are prepaid vouchers you can use toward Cisco training and exams. When purchasing Cisco products and services, you can address your organization's current and anticipated training needs by adding Cisco Learning Credits to your order. Use them for virtual classroom training six months from now, or purchase digital training such as a Cisco Digital Learning subscription today.

What are Cisco Learning Credits?

Cisco Learning Credits are prepaid training dollar or "credits".

There are two ways to obtain:

  1. At the time of purchase, you may obtain Cisco Learning Credits, which are redeemable for high-quality training directly from Cisco Training Services. Instead of training being an afterthought to your original purchase, bundling products and services with Cisco Learning Credits can better accelerate your team’s new technologies, thereby accelerating your return on investment.
  2. You can also purchase Learning Credits as a stand-alone order:
    • Each Cisco Learning Credit is equivalent to US $100.
    • Sold in packages of 1, 10, 100, 500, and 1500.
    • Purchased like any Cisco product or service.
    • Activated between one and five days after invoicing and expire one year after the invoice date.
    • Registered, redeemed, and monitored in an online database called the Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT).
    • When applied to training, must be used for training that begins before the expiration date.
    • Can be applied to registration for Cisco Live events that take place after the expiration date of the credits, but you must register for the event before the expiration date.
    • Customers who haven’t been able to use all of their Learning Credits prior to expiration may be privy to a one-time, six-month extension, subject to approval.

How can I use Cisco Learning Credits?

You can redeem Cisco Learning Credits for:

Learning Credits Management Tool (LCMT)

  • Register your Cisco Learning Credits, track transactions, validate Learning Credit redemptions, and generate reports.
  • Maintain precise records of collective and individual training statistics.
  • Manage the overall training purchase with monthly statements of account activity.


Using Cisco Learning Credits offers several benefits:

Complete network solution

  • Integrate hardware, software, services, and training.
  • Make training an integral and indispensable piece of the networking solution purchase.
  • Increase staff productivity and technical competency, providing a faster return on investment.

Access to training experts

  • Cisco Training Services and Cisco Learning Partners are the only authorized channels for delivering curriculum developed by Cisco. They alone have access to Cisco labs, simulations, and the latest products.
  • Both Cisco and Cisco Learning Partner instructors must meet stringent guidelines for authorization, and their instructors must pass rigorous exams to be certified to teach Cisco course content.

Administrative efficiencies

  • Eliminate the need to allocate funds for training on an ad hoc basis by purchasing training at the time of the initial purchase of products or services.
  • Reduce the time, effort, and expense of generating multiple purchase orders for training.
  • Use only one purchase order for Cisco products, services, and training.

Authorized training

  • Latest content authorized by Cisco and created by a Cisco product team.
  • Certified Cisco instructors.
  • Virtual practice labs using the latest Cisco equipment, and simulations created to help prepare for Cisco exams.
  • Comprehensive analysis of learning needs and skills gaps.
  • Customized courses that use Cisco's intellectual property.
  • Variety of training delivery methods, including self-study, classroom, virtual classroom, e-learning, and on-site training.

Countries of operation

Only certain countries have been cleared for the sale, purchase, and redemption of Cisco Learning Credits.

Cisco Customer Loyalty

Approved customers in the Cisco Customer Loyalty program are eligible to receive Learning Credits based on purchases of Cisco products and services. Awards are made on a quarterly basis.

Customers can use Learning Credits to develop and implement a comprehensive learning roadmap for their business.

If you would like to nominate your company for Cisco Customer Loyalty, please engage with your Cisco Account Manager.

As a member of the loyalty program, you will be able to:

  • Use Learning Credits to purchase training for your company’s learning needs.
  • Build stronger IT teams and reward team members.
  • Encourage employees to grow their expertise.
  • Get the latest training available for new Cisco technologies.


Awards are based on the three year average net bookings (direct + indirect) to determine the customer’s award Tier. Tier Table will be reviewed and updated annually, during Q1 of Cisco’s fiscal year. The tier is set for the entire fiscal year.

Tiers 3 Year Average Net Bookings Quarterly CLC Awards
1 $1M - 10M 75
2 >$10M - 25M 125
3 >$25M - 50M 200
4 >$50M - 100M 575
5 Over $100M 1,175

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Active accounts in 32 countries


Over 8,000 Cisco Live tickets have been purchased using loyalty awards


180,000 students have attended classes or purchased certification exams using loyalty awards

Cisco Customer Loyalty program resources


Visit the Learning@Cisco Centralized Support tool to search FAQs or open a case about your Learning Credits.

Search FAQs

At the Learning@Cisco Centralized Support tool, search for FAQs by keyword, or browse popular questions and answers.

Open a case

Go to the Learning@Cisco Centralized Support tool, login with your username and password, then click Open Case.

Update a case

Login to the Learning@Cisco Centralized Support tool, then click Update Case.

You can also open or update a case by calling us at (US) 1-800-553-6387 Option 4, Option 1.