Team Captain FAQs

Team Captain Expectations

The Team Captain is expected to act in the best interest of the company in managing Cisco Learning Credits.

It is critical that a Team Captain maintain awareness of learning credit balance(s) and ensure credits are used before the 365-day expiration. Team Captains should review balance information in both LCMT and on the LCMT monthly statement regularly.

For individuals in the Team Captain role, it is important that there is total involvement and interest in the CLC Program. Cisco provides a Business Development Manager (BDM) who is available in a consultative manner to help ensure that a solid learning plan is in place. Team Captains should utilize the assigned BDM to ensure an effective use of their learning credits.

Every effort should be made by the Team Captain to approve Cisco Learning Credits debits before the training or event occurs. Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT) generates an email to make Team Captains aware of all transaction activity. It is important that any person(s) serving in the Team Captain role review these emails and make timely approval decisions on pending debit transactions.

Being a Team Captain is supplementary to your role with the company. Additional Team Captains can be assigned to the account at any time to ensure coverage.

Lastly, if there are personnel changes that require you or another TCDA to vacate the Team Captain position (TCDA or TCO), the expectation is that you will inform your Account Manager or open a support case with Cisco Learning Credits Operations Team so we may work with the company to assign someone else to the role.

Cisco Learning Credits Program Terms and Conditions

Why do Customers have to accept the Customer Terms & Conditions?

Cisco has provided the Terms & Conditions as a requirement for program participation and access to the Cisco Learning Credits Management Tool (LCMT).

What happens if the Customer does not accept the Terms & Conditions?

The expectation is for the Team Captain to accept the terms within the first 30 days of being assigned to the role. If the Terms & Conditions are either not accepted or are declined by the Team Captain, Cisco Learning Credits cannot be redeemed. Without accepting the T&Cs, the TCDA will not have access to the account and will not be able to use their Cisco Learning Credits, review the account details, approve, or decline transactions, or perform any function within the Learning Credits Management Tool. Team Captains are allowed 30 days to accept Terms and Conditions before reminder notices generate at days 30, 60, and 80. For accounts that have a Team Captain that has not accepted the terms, LCMT will automatically deactivate the Team Captain from LCMT after 90 days of being added to the system.

Why are the Cisco Learning Credit (CLC) Terms and Conditions being updated to limit reissues/extensions on the expiration date of CLCs? — NEW

The Terms and Conditions are updated on a regular basis and reflect required changes that will help Cisco better support our customers. Updates bring our Learning Credit program in line with industry standards. For this update, the Terms and Conditions reinforce the 12-month effective term of Learning Credits. We will continue to support the use of CLCs in a timely manner. Please work with your BDM to develop training plans as soon as you purchase CLCs.

When will the new Terms and Conditions go into effect? — NEW

They will be in the Learning Credits Management Tool (LCMT) and effective September 15, 2023.

Will current customers with CLCs be required to sign the updated Terms and Conditions? — NEW

No, the new terms and conditions are effective for all customers as of September 15, 2023. If a prior version of the Terms and Conditions has been accepted, the Team Captain will not need to accept the updated Terms and Conditions. However, effective immediately, the updated Terms and Conditions apply to all accounts.

Team Captain and Team Player Access

Who can be a Team Captain Designated Admin (TCDA) on a customer account?

To qualify for this role, the Team Captain Designated Admin (TCDA) must be an employee of the participating company and authorized to act on the company's behalf. A TCDA's username must align to the company's business email address. Personal email addresses (e.g.,,, etc.) are not permitted. Individuals with a personal email address will be required to change to their current business address on their Cisco profile.

When considering someone for the TCDA role, it is also important to know that Channel Partners, distributors, Cisco employees and Cisco contractors do not qualify.

What if we need to assign, update, or change the Team Captain?

If you are an active Team Captain on the account and need to update or modify a Team Captain's role, please open a support case with Cisco Learning Credits Support Team requesting that the Team Captain access be granted or changed or updated to a different person.

When making Team Captain (TCDA or TCO) assignment changes, remember there must always be a Team Captain Designated Admin (TCDA) assigned that has already accepted the terms & conditions. Persons being added as a TCDA must be an employee of the participating company. Persons outside of the participating company will be assigned to the optional role, Team Captain Other (TCO).

The request should include the following:

  1. Account Name as displayed in LCMT
  2. At least one Sales Order Number credited to the account (used to validate the account)
  3. user ID (CCO ID)
  4. User's business email address must align to the Cisco ID. Generic company names, usernames, and email addresses affiliated with domains like are not acceptable.
  5. Indicate the old Team Captain role vs. new Team Captain role this individual will assume (TCDA or TCO).

Who can be a Team Captain Other (TCO) on a customer account?

To qualify for this optional role, the Team Captain Other (TCO) must be appointed by the TCDA and authorized to act on the company's behalf. The Team Captain Other role must be filled by someone outside of the participating company. The TCO's user ID must be aligned to their company email address. If not aligned to their business email address, they must update their email in their profile to qualify. Generic names and personal emails are not valid. A TCO can be added to an account and can retain their access to LCMT only after there is an active TCDA on the account who has accepted the Terms & Conditions.

When considering someone for the TCO role, it is also important to know that Channel Partners, distributors, Cisco employees and Cisco contractors do not qualify.

What is a Team Player and what can they do?

A Team Player role is a read only access role. This person is usually, but is not required to be, an employee of the customer and is assigned by a TCDA. Someone can be added to the Team Player role only after the TCDA has been fully set up in LCMT and has accepted the Terms & Conditions.

When considering someone for the Team Player role however, it is important to know that Channel Partners, distributors, Cisco employees and Cisco contractors are not qualified to be a Team Player.

What if no Team Captain is assigned to my account(s)?

A Team Captain must be assigned to the account to approve debits in LCMT. If no Team Captain is assigned, this means that the account is not being managed and CLCs cannot be used. For help assigning a Team Captain to manage the account, please open a case to communicate with the Cisco Learning Credits Team.  If you need help determining  who should be assigned as a Team Captain, please reach our to your Cisco Account Manager (if known) or  to the person who supplied the Sales Order (SO) number to you for guidance.  

Team Captain Affirmation

What is the Team Captain Affirmation? — NEW

Cisco has a policy that prohibits Cisco employees, Cisco contractors, and Learning Partners from acting on behalf of your company or assuming the role of Team Captain Designated Admin (TCDA), Team Captain Other (TCO), or Team Player. To protect your company’s best interest, we are implementing the Cisco Learning Credit Program Team Captain Affirmation (TCA), which will require everyone in a Team Captain role to affirm their employment by November 14, 2023, in order to remain active in the role.

Why can’t Cisco employees or Cisco contractors use customers CLCs?

Our policy does not allow CLCs to be used for Cisco employees or contractors. Cisco personnel training is provided via other means. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to ensure that CLCs are not consumed by unauthorized individuals.

Cisco Credits Lifespan

How long are my Cisco Learning Credits active?

Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) are active for 365 days from the date of invoice. To avoid loss of unused CLCs, please work with your BDM to develop a plan to use your learning credits before they expire.

What are my options if I have Cisco Learning Credits that are about to expire?

Contact your Learning BDM for assistance. If you don't know who your Learning Business Development Manager (BDM) is, please click here

If your Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) are about to expire, there are options. Click here for a list of all redeemable offerings. Pricing will be available on respective websites. 

For CLCs that are expiring within days, an option is to use towards digital training, subscriptions, exam vouchers, and Cisco Live events. 

Note: For Cisco Live redemptions, you must register for the event before the expiration date of your Learning Credits, but the event can take place after the expiration date. Exam voucher orders must be submitted no later than five days before the expiration date of your Learning Credits. CLCs are nonrefundable and expire 365 days from the date on which they were issued.

What are the exceptions allowed to reissue/extend the expiration date of CLCs? — NEW

Please reach out to your Learning Business Development Manager (BDM) for more information. We understand business needs change, and we will help accommodate your unique requirements. Our goal is for you to develop a training plan upon CLC purchase, so you have time to execute it in the one-year timeframe.

What will happen for those customers who have already submitted a request to reissue/extend their CLCs? — NEW

If your Sales Order (SO) is activated before October 1, 2023, it will continue as a legacy SO with the prior allowances on reissues for 6 additional months. You should make every effort to develop a training plan as soon as possible after CLC purchases to help ensure use within the one-year timeframe.

What happens if a customer does not redeem their CLCs in the valid 12-month period? — NEW

Unused CLCs expire at the end of their 12-month term. Please reach out to your assigned Learning Business Development Manager (BDM) to develop a training plan as soon as possible to help ensure use of learning credits before their expiration date.

What is the escalation process to request an extension of CLCs? — NEW

Please contact your Learning Business Development Manager (BDM) to discuss your options.

Team Captain’s Debit Approval

Why do I have to approve debits against my Cisco Learning Credits account?

Requiring approval by the Team Captain improves account security and customer satisfaction for all users. As a Team Captain, it is your responsibility to manage and authorize the spend for your learning credits. Transactions are considered pending until approved.

How does the Team Captain approve or deny debit transactions?

The Team Captain must log in to the Cisco Learning Credits Management Tool (LCMT) to review and manually approve debits posted against the account. The Team Captain has an option to enable the "auto-approval" functionality in LCMT. Instructions on both options can be found in the Team Captain User Guide.


Where can I find more information or where can I go for support?

For help in developing a training plan to use your learning credits, please reach out to your Learning-BDM.

For more information on your role as a Team Captain or instruction on how to use the Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT), please refer to the Team Captain User Guide.

For more frequently asked questions and answers, visit Learning & Certifications Centralized Support.

Does Cisco have a preferred browser for the LCMT?

The preferred browser is Chrome, Firefox or Edge. The tool can be run on Safari, with some slowness.

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