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Cisco Customer Loyalty

Reward your employees with training opportunities that will optimize your company’s investment in Cisco products and services.


Approved customers in the Cisco Customer Loyalty program are eligible to receive loyalty points based on quarterly purchases of Cisco products and services. Customers use loyalty points, converted to Learning Credits, to develop and implement a comprehensive learning roadmap for their business.

If you would like to nominate your company for Cisco Customer Loyalty, please engage with your Cisco Account Manager.


Earn and redeem loyalty points

As a member of the loyalty program, you will be able to:

  • Use Loyalty Points converted to Learning Credits to purchase training for your company’s learning needs
  • Build stronger IT teams and reward team members
  • Encourage employees to grow their expertise
  • Try Cisco’s new learning technology

Ongoing learning opportunities empower you to optimize the use of Cisco products, increasing business agility and efficiency.


Awards are based on the three year average net bookings (direct + indirect) to determine the customer’s award Tier. Tier Table will be reviewed and updated annually, during Q1 of Cisco’s fiscal year. The tier is set for the entire fiscal year.

Cisco Loyalty Program FY22 Award Tier Table

Tier Level Prior 3-year Customer Bookings Cisco Learning Credit Quarterly awards Cisco Learning Credit Annual awards
1 $1M to $10M 75 300
2 >$10M to $25M 125 500
3 >$25M to $50M 200 800
4 >$50M to $100M 575 2,300
5 Over $100M 1,175 4,700

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Active accounts in 32 countries


Over 8,000 Cisco Live tickets have been purchased using loyalty awards


180,000 students have attended classes or purchased certification exams using loyalty awards

How can we help you?

Contact Cisco Customer Loyalty support team at:

Email us  |  Call: (US) 1-800-553-6387 Option 4, Option 1  |  Submit a case