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Customer Loyalty Program FAQs

Customer Loyalty program general

What is the Cisco Customer Loyalty program?

The Cisco Customer Loyalty program is an awards program for Cisco customers. The program provides incentives, in a tiered structure, based on net bookings to Cisco or Cisco registered channel partner. It is Cisco's way of saying “Thank you for your business.”

What are the Team Captain’s responsibilities?

The Team Captain is responsible for:

  • accepting terms and conditions of the program
  • ensuring all learning credits are used timely, before expiration
  • approving Cisco Learning Credits redemptions from LCMT

How can I accept the terms and conditions (Ts & Cs)?

Please refer to How to accept terms and conditions for details.

When do Team Captains need to accept Ts&Cs to get awards?

Customer Team Captains will need to accept Terms and Conditions as soon as the account is accepted in the program, to complete the enrollment and be eligible to receive awards. The first awards will be assigned the Cisco fiscal quarter after the Terms and Conditions are accepted. You will receive a notification from the tool letting you know it is time to accept.  You will see the Terms and Conditions acceptance screen the first time you log in to the account. Please refer to How to accept terms and conditions for details.

What is the methodology for determining awards for the program?

The methodology is a tiered method for awards. A 3-year average of purchases are used to determine company tier. This tier is set for the Cisco fiscal year (August – July) and will be re-evaluated annually each August and communicated to you before the October awards.

If you are giving only Cisco Learning Credits, do we need to continue to use the Loyalty Tool?

Team Captains will still need to login to the Customer Loyalty Portal to approve the terms and conditions. You will be able to view the tier level assigned and the quarterly awards that have been received in the awards tab. All other transactions, such as Learning Credit redemptions and approvals, will be transacted in the Learning Credit Management Tool.

When do I get awards?

Active accounts will receive awards during the 3rd month of each Cisco fiscal quarter (October, January, April, July).

How will I know I have gotten awards?

You will receive a notification from the Learning Credits Management Tool when new awards have been added to your account. The awards will show under the Learning Credits Awards on the Customer Loyalty Portal and you can manage the awarded Cisco Learning Credits in the Learning Credit Management Tool.

How can I check my Cisco Learning Credits balance?

You can check all activity and balances of Cisco Learning Credits in the Learning Credit Management Tool

How do I update the Team Captain?

Program enrollment

What are the criteria for being in the new program?

  • Company must be an end user
  • Nominations must come from the Cisco Account Manager
  • Company needs to have a 3-year average of $1M in combined products and services purchases
  • A Team Captain must be an employee appointed by the company to access the Customer Loyalty Portal and accept the terms and conditions on behalf of his/her company
  • All companies under the same corporate structure must be nominated as a single group account

How do I nominate my company?

Contact your Cisco Account Manager. He/she will need to submit the nomination. 


Where can I find more information about the program?

Please visit our Cisco Customer Loyalty website for additional information regarding the program.

How can I get help with developing a Training Plan?

Contact your Cisco Account Manager and our Business Development Team at learning-BDM@external.cisco.com.

What are the options to redeem Learning Credits that are close to expiration?

Here is a list of all redeemable offerings. They will have their prices available on their respective websites.

For Cisco Live redemptions, you must register for the event before the expiration date of your Learning Credits, but the event can take place after the expiration date.

Exam voucher orders must be submitted no later than five days before the expiration date of your Learning Credits. They are nonrefundable and expire 12 months from the date on which they were issued.

If I need to have a Cisco Customer ID (CCO) in order to be the Team Captain, how to get a CCO ID?

If you do not have a CCO user name, you can register for one.  Complete the "Your information" and "Login Information" sections and then submit.  Please call 1-800-553-6387 or email Registration support if you need assistance.

I have more questions. How can I get help?

The fastest way to receive help is to submit a case on the Learning@Cisco Centralized Support Tool.