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Cisco Security Certifications

Supporting our Cisco-certified community during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Be job-ready for key security roles

What’s the number one thing that keeps your CEO up at night? Security. On average a security breach takes 186 days to discover1, and costs nearly $4 million2 to manage. That’s why security continues to be one of the fastest growing fields in IT.

Cybersecurity job growth postings have increased 94%3 in the last several years. This fast-rising demand continues to push salaries higher. So, if you are just starting out in your career or you are a seasoned professional, there is great opportunity in security.

Security responsibilities and skills continue to evolve

Automation and Programmability are on the rise

Cloud apps continue to require new security solutions and skills

Security is now part of everyone’s job

Growing opportunities

With high stakes and rising critical needs, all signs point to a shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals in the years ahead.

Real-world, hands-on training and certification from Cisco prepares you for a dynamic security career.


Cybersecurity job growth postings since 2015 compared to 30% for overall IT jobs

- Burning Glass Technologies, 2019


An estimated worker shortfall of 3.5M by 2021

- Cybersecurity Ventures, 2017


Average salary premium for cybersecurity jobs

- Burning Glass Technologies, 2019

Security job roles

In cybersecurity, exciting opportunities abound to identify risks, protect your organization, detect security events, and recover assets.

Check out the following job roles and titles, in security.

  • Job title: Associate security engineer, Network security engineer, Network security technician
  • Focus: Build and secure
  • Typical experience-level: 0 to 5 years
  • Jobs request: CCNA Security
  • Reports to: Senior-level security engineers or security architects

  • Job title: Security operations analyst, Security incident responder, Forensic analyst
  • Focus: Detect and respond
  • Typical experience-level: 3+ years
  • Jobs request: Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate
  • Reports to: CISO

  • Job titles: Senior security engineer, Senior network security engineer, Application security engineer
  • Focus: Build and secure the IT infrastructure
  • Typical experience-level: 5 - 7+ years
  • Jobs request: Cisco CCNP Security
  • Reports to: Director of Network Security or CIO

  • Job titles: Security architect, Senior or Principal security engineer, Principal network engineer with security clearance, Senior security engineer
  • Focus: Design and secure the IT infrastructure
  • Typical experience-level: 7 to 10+ years
  • Jobs request: Cisco CCIE Security
  • Reports to: CISO or CIO

Cisco security training and certifications

More than half of cybersecurity jobs3 request at least one certification. And wherever you are in your career, we have the right certification for you. If you are starting out in cybersecurity, Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate builds a foundation for cybersecurity operations roles.

For the latest details on each program, click the links below.

Introducing the new Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate

Launch your career in cybersecurity operation with the new Cisco Certified Cyber Ops Associate certification.

Certification tools and resources

Now is the time to explore Cisco Security training and certification. Cisco certifications empower you to understand real-world security issues and address them quickly and effectively. Get started on the path to certification success and enjoy your personal and professional journey.

Real-life customer feedback

Learn how Cisco certifications helped these IT professionals position themselves for a successful career.


Jenny from the SOC ready for the "Hunt" with Cybersecurity training

"I love the hunt for information; figuring out where a threat came from, what’s behind it, and who’s behind it. The whole investigation process, I find, is really exciting and enjoyable."

- Jenny Guay, Security Operations Center (SOC) Operator

Cisco Certifications strengthen your creditability on the job

"I would definitely encourage getting Cisco Certifications. They strengthen the fact that you can do the things you say you can do. Everyone has areas they can improve on and certifications help."

- Julio Hernandez, Network Security Administrator


  1. Mandiant M-Trends Report, 2018
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  4. Cybersecurity Ventures, 2017