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Be job-ready for key security roles

Cyber threats are evolving by the day and it's more important than ever that the next generation of cybersecurity professionals is agile, proactive, and trained to anticipate and counter these threats.

Cisco Security certifications

The focus of cybersecurity is securing digital assets and protecting data, and the skills and knowledge earned in Cisco's Cybersecurity certification and training programs can prepare you to do just that. Organizations everywhere are building robust security teams to address cyber threats and they need qualified professionals they can trust to lead those teams and build the policies and systems that will protect their data. Now is the time to grow your skills, get certified, and join the next generation of security professionals in building a safer data environment.


3.5M Cybersecurity job openings by 2021


Cybersecurity workforce gap by region

Security job roles

In cybersecurity, exciting opportunities abound to identify risks, protect your organization, detect security events, and recover assets.

Check out the following job roles and titles.

Network Security Engineer, Network Administrator, InfoSec Analyst

  • Job title: Associate security engineer, Network security engineer, Information security analyst/engineer
  • Focus: Build for security, Implement security policies
  • Typical experience-level: 0 to 5 years
  • Jobs request: CCNA, CyberOps Associate
  • Reports to: Senior-level security engineers or security architects

Security Operations Team - Security Operations Analyst

  • Job title: Security operations analyst, SOC Analysist Level 1, Security incident responder
  • Focus: Monitor, detect and respond
  • Typical experience-level: 0-3 years
  • Jobs request: Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate
  • Reports to: SOC Analyst Level 2, Senior SecOps Engineer, Security Architect

Senior Security Engineer

  • Job titles: Senior security engineer, Senior network security engineer, Application security engineer, SOC Analysist Level 2
  • Focus: Build and secure the IT infrastructure, Update security posture
  • Typical experience-level: 5 - 7+ years
  • Jobs request: Cisco CCNP Security, Cisco CyberOps Professional
  • Reports to: Director of Network Security, Head of InfoSec or CISO

Security Architect / Chief Security Engineer

  • Job titles: Security architect, Senior or Principal security engineer, Principal network engineer with security clearance, Chief security engineer
  • Focus: Architect security posture for the IT environment, Protect data/digital assets
  • Typical experience-level: 7 to 10+ years
  • Jobs request: Cisco CCIE Security
  • Reports to: CISO or CIO

Cisco security training and certifications

Did you know that more than half of cybersecurity jobs require at least one certification? We have four!
For the latest details on each program, click the corresponding link below.

Find out why these IT professionals chose Cisco certifications to prove their ability to connect, secure and automate today's most advanced networks.

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Now is the time to explore Cisco Security training and certification. Cisco certifications empower you to understand real-world security issues and address them quickly and effectively. Get started on the path to certification success and enjoy your personal and professional journey.

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