Cisco Open Network Environment

Bring Agility to Your Network

Partner with Cisco for increased profits through virtualization, orchestration and automation.

Bring Agility to Your Network

A Comprehensive Vision for Programmable Networks

Cisco ONE allows applications and the network to talk to each other in new ways.

The Internet of Everything (IoE) involves building valuable network connections between people, processes, data, and things. Making this a reality requires entirely new levels of automation and fluidity throughout the network. By making such a large investment in programmable network intelligence, Cisco helps service providers cut system integration costs, optimize network investments, and profit more quickly from service delivery.

The Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) goes beyond the foundations offered by Software-Defined Networks (SDN) to create a more fully integrated and dynamic solution. The result is a simplified mobile, video, or cloud user experience that delights customers and helps service providers reduce their overall investment.

The Cisco ONE environment lays the foundation for the Internet of Everything, the connections between next-generation Internet applications and the programmable, physical world. Watch the Cisco ONE overview video.

Improve Converged Network Agility

Improve Converged Network Agility

Cisco ONE integrates IP and optical layers for more agile cloud topologies. (3:08 min)

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Traffic Visualization and Control

Traffic Visualization and Control

Compute and program the best path for your app with real-time analytics. (3:40 min)

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Cisco ONE Elastic Services Creation

Cisco ONE Elastic Services Creation

This framework helps customers develop, deploy, and maintain services more easily. (3:37 min)

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Accelerate Your Revenue Growth

Automate a new class of carrier cloud services with the Cisco Evolved Services Platform.

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Deliver Services Faster, Easier

Cisco ONE programmable networks will power the Internet of Everything.

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Creating the Internet of Everything

See why programmable networks will power the next-generation Internet.

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Improved Interaction

A real-time interactive feedback loop based on APIs, controllers, and overlay technology allows the application to talk directly to the network, and the network to respond interactively.

Programmatic Network Access

Cisco ONE offers deep programmatic access across and between every layer in the network: transport, forwarding, control, management, and orchestration.

Dynamic Response

Analytics, policy, and orchestration engines (such as Cisco Quantum Software Suite) work in unison and in real-time to respond to the changing needs of individual services.

Simplified Integration

Developers can more easily integrate network services, rather than tediously configuring individual network elements.

Better Customer Experience

Harvesting network intelligence coupled with real-time business rule management helps to enable an optimal customer experience.

Among its many benefits, Cisco ONE:

  • Simplifies operations
  • Makes your infrastructure more agile in meeting business demands
  • Cuts costs
  • Helps you realize the true value of the underlying network



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Traffic Visualization and Control


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