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Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO)

The bridge between intent and action

NSO provides a robust bridge linking network automation and orchestration tools with the underlying physical and virtual infrastructure. It includes a rich set of northbound software interfaces and APIs that allow straightforward northbound integration. An extensible southbound device abstraction layer means NSO works with multiple vendors and multiple technology domains.

NSO features


Proven in large and complex environments

NSO is trusted technology in production at large enterprises and service providers. In fact, the world's top 10 service providers use NSO.



Broad multivendor support

Sophisticated device abstraction capabilities enable you to automate a wide variety of Cisco and third-party devices, tools, and services.



Cross-domain orchestration

Your workflows and processes span technology boundaries and your automation tooling should do the same. NSO can automate across technology domains and coordinate domain-specific controllers.



Rich northbound software interfaces

A wide array of APIs and software interfaces help to simplify integration with OSS/BSS, DevOps toolchains, CI/CD pipelines, and other tools and scripting.


NSO ecosystem

NSO is the anchor for a collection of technologies, partners, and solutions that you can draw from to meet your unique needs.

NSO platform

The core NSO product is a powerful, flexible, extensible toolbox for network automation and orchestration needs.

Core function packs

Core Function Packs extend the functionality of NSO to address specific needs such as VNF orchestration, SD-WAN networking, or cloud collaboration.


Solution partners

Third-party solutions build upon and augment NSO capabilities in areas like workflow and assurance.

Integrated solutions

Standalone automation and orchestration solutions take advantage of NSO technologies.

What customers are saying

Accelerate service orchestration

Rapidly automate provisioning, OS upgrades, port activation, and more with Cisco NSO Service Packs. Leveraging best practice use cases and extensive expertise, you can activate new services faster.

NSO at Networking Field Day 23

Hear from our very own ex-network engineer Jason Belk as he presents a brief overview of the NSO architecture as well as delivers demos of the NSO CLI and performs basic config management.

NSO and the DevOps toolchain

Cisco NSO serves an important role in your DevOps strategy by acting as a bridge between your toolchain and the underling infrastructure you need to control. This white paper explores how NSO ingrates into and strengthens your DevOps toolchain.

NSO in other Cisco solutions

Crosswork Automation and NSO

NSO is an integral component of the Cisco Crosswork Network Automation solution for service providers. Crosswork enables service providers to proactively manage their end-to-end networks, with a suite of machine-learning, intent-based and closed-loop solutions to ensure faster innovation, extraordinary customer experiences, and operational excellence.

Managed Services Accelerator and NSO

Services made simple. Built on NSO, Cisco Managed Services Accelerator (MSX) is a multi-tenant, multi-service, multi-vendor, service creation and delivery platform that helps managed service providers quickly, easily, and cost-effectively develop and deliver managed services to business customers.

Recommended resources

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Dive into developer resources organized by topic and watch this year’s Developer Days sessions.

Cox Network automation strategy

Learn about how Cox uses NSO and two automation use cases, producing benefits in commercial deployments.

Heavy Networking podcast

Optimize your peering with Crosswork Cloud Traffic Analysis.

NSO session at Cisco Live

Learn how to map out your organization’s automation journey along with what tools and technologies are needed for a comprehensive strategy. 

CCI and Cisco on theCUBE

Learn how NSO and CCI Systems are partnering to empower mid-market service providers on their automation journey. 


Network source of truth promotes trust in automation

Enterprise Management Associates presentation: Learn how to establish a network source of truth to drive a successful network automation pipeline.

The economic benefits of network automation

ACG presentation: Get the results of a new study on ROI and TCO benefits of network automation and orchestration for service providers.

5G network slicing and cross-domain orchestration

Analysys Mason presentation: Explore network slicing market data, evolving architecture options, and how automation drives commercialization.