Cable Network Transformation

Digitize. Virtualize. Interconnect.

Navigate your network transformation

Take the first step by digitizing your cable access network and turn your analog systems into scalable digital networks. Next, use your digital network to embrace web-scale agility with virtualization. And finally, intelligently interconnect your network and your services as a seamless system. Navigating your network’s transformation is a comprehensive end-to-end journey and we can guide the way.


Migrate from analog to digital with Remote PHY


Transform hardware headends into cloud native data centers


Build the intelligent network fabric for automation and scale

ACG research white paper: Modernizing cable infrastructure

Cable operators need to begin transforming their networks and operations. Building on the distributed access architecture (DAA) foundation, this transformation starts with digitization. Learn how to navigate your network’s transformation from analog to digital, while optimizing operations, virtualizing hardware, and scaling for the future.

Infinite broadband unlocked

Align the success of your business while simplifying operations with a consumption-based licensing model. Take control of your network, turn up new high-speed broadband services with greater simplicity, and reduced business risk.

The building blocks for your network’s transformation

Products and solutions for digitizing, virtualizing, and interconnecting your network.

Cisco cable access in action

Network transformation comes one step at a time. First, you digitize. Next, you virtualize. And then you interconnect.

Midco goes cloud native

After digitizing their access network with Remote PHY, cable operator Midco has taken the next step in their network transformation journey and begun virtualizing their headend functions. Using the Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Router (cnBR), Midco is harnessing the agility of DevOps and web-scale while reducing hardware, space, power, and maintenance requirements.

Demonstrating the value of Cisco solutions

Virtualize your headend with the cnBR

Transform hardware based functions into software with the Cloud Native Broadband Router (cnBR). Redefine your network’s services by going cloud native.

Migrate to a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA)

Plan, design, and build your network for converging all services, simplifying operations, and maximizing future opportunities.