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Cisco Remote PHY Shelves

Digitalize your cable access network

Extend digital control throughout your network with Cisco Remote PHY Shelves. Optimize your network by consolidating small and medium hubs sites and preserving the investment in existing fiber nodes.

Features and benefits

Digitalize with Remote PHY shelves

Evolve from analog to digital with Remote PHY. Separate the CCAP core and PHY functions, consolidate small and medium hub sites, preserve your existing node investments, and begin your shift to a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA).

Simplify your network

Reduce the need to have a CCAP platform in every hub by connecting to smaller-footprint, cost effective shelves and Remote PHY devices. Consolidate your CCAP core functions in fewer headends or data centers and interconnect your hub sites with digital fiber.

Automate network operations

Cisco Remote PHY Shelves are integrated with the Cisco Smart PHY deployment automation software—a micro-service based software tool for automating provisioning, configuration and maintenance of standards based RPDs, shelves and Cisco Remote PHY cores.

Remote PHY shelf models

Remote PHY 300 shelf

  • Supports up to 3 service groups
  • Temperature hardened
  • 1 RU

Remote PHY 600 shelf

  • Supports up to 6 service groups
  • Temperature hardened
  • 1 RU

Remote PHY 7200 shelf

  • Support up to 72 service groups
  • High availability
  • 7 RU

Advantage Remote PHY

Discover how upgrading from analog to digital with Remote PHY can expand your network’s capacity and reduce overall expenses.

Digitalize and automate with Remote PHY

Simplify and automate network configuration and management on a single pane of glass with Cisco’s EPN-M.


Solve problems faster, improve operational efficiency, and reduce your risk of downtime.