Edge Computing Solutions

Transform your services edge architecture using a distributed cloud model upon a trusted and secure infrastructure.

Build your edge computing infrastructure now

Deploy services on a trusted edge computing infrastructure to provide high quality user experiences and lower transportation costs.

Seize the business opportunity

Our edge computing solutions offer a short time to deploy new services, open new markets, and increase revenues.

Inspire creators and developers

A consistent, global footprint increases attractiveness for application and content developers.

Reduce operations and capital costs

Monetization of services on common edge computing platforms for multiple use cases reduces incremental costs.

Reduce investment uncertainty

High-scale, outcome-based capital investment in markets worldwide reduces investment risk and uncertainty.

What is edge computing?

Edge computing is a model that shifts computing resources from central data centers or public clouds closer to devices, that is ,embedded at the edge of service provider networks. The goal is to process data with lower latency necessary for many new applications, and to save network cost.

An example use case is Internet of Things (IoT) – billions of IoT devices deployed each year produce lots of data. When the data is processed at the edge instead of the cloud, backhaul cost is reduced. IoT devices expose telemetry needing low latency analysis only achieved at the edge. This improves automation efficiency and equipment utilization.

Get the edge on streaming video delivery

Cisco Edge Cloud for Content Delivery delivered with partner, Qwilt, presents an opportunity for service providers to insert themselves into the content value chain while transforming their edge.

Deploy your edge computing infrastructure quickly

Simplify distributed edge compute operations

Intelligently deploy and manage cloud-native applications and services using Cisco Intersight.

Ensure trust in your edge computing infrastructure

Learn how we help you establish a chain of trust and verify device integrity.

Select the industry leading SDN solution

Discover how Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) facilitates application agility and data center automation.

Choose the right router for your needs

Break down the complexity of network overlays and multitudes of protocols.

Orchestrate across your services infrastructure

Deliver high-quality services faster and more easily through network automation.

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