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Mass Scale Networking Systems

Powering extraordinary and personalized experiences at mass scale

Get your Access, Edge and Core networks ready for mass scale networking and benefit from simplification at scale, multi-dimensional programmability, built-in trust and flexible consumption enabling you to build a network that fits your business needs.

Converged SDN transport

By integrating cost effective, high-density routing at 400G, with the proven IOS XR operating system and Open API Automation, Cisco now meets the demands of 5G growth while keeping OpEx under control.

Operators can have confidence in the integrity of their network with trustworthy hardware that validates the authenticy of hardware and software with secure boot processes, cryptographically signed images, and at runtime with encrypted transport.

IOS XR also provides the secure control to move peering and compute to anywhere within the network (between apps, data, workers and customers), while speeding up the ability to instantiate and manage network slices.

Turbocharge your network with

ASR 9000 Series

  • Modular, high density, power efficient, and secure platform
  • Engineered for new architectures
  • 400G ready

NCS 5500 Series

  • High-density 100GE and 400GE systems
  • Fixed and modular secure platforms
  • Automation readiness

NCS 500 Series

  • Access routing platforms
  • Ready for 5G
  • Automation readiness

8000 Series

  • Unmatched performance and scalability
  • Platforms that scale from 10.8 Tbps to 260 Tbps
  • Cloud integration of orchestration and management tools

Make sure your network can be trusted

Discover why it is important to establish a chain of trust across your hardware and software to verify device integrity and build out a secure network infrastructure.

IOS XR: simple, modern, trustworthy

  • Simplified transport controls with Segment Routing
  • EVPN for unified service delivery, Cloud-native BNG
  • Easy to use – NSO, Yang Development Kit, Yang suite
  • Flexible deployments – all inclusive, fixed models, build-your-own feature packages
  • Optimized install – optional server-like install using Yang models
  • Advanced telemetry – visibility to enable analytics and machine learning
  • APIs at all levels – creativity and flexibility through model-driven programmability
  • Programmability tools – simplified service lifecycle with Cisco orchestration
  • Quality – XR Dev, Cisco Automation Factory, and Compass Design validation
  • Extendable third-party software to complement the IOS XR foundation
  • Trust in hardware – anti-counterfeit and Trust Anchor architecture
  • Trust in the network OS – image signing and secure boot infrastructure
  • Trust at runtime – runtime defense, encrypted transport, DDoS protection
  • Trust visibility with cloud attestation

Achieve mass-scale network transformation

You need to offer a custom experience to your clients, but you also must support legacy services. Read how you can evolve your network to provide differentiated services.

Begin transforming your network today

Engage with Cisco Services to help you transform your infrastructure into a more powerful, intelligent, automated, and secure network.