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Cloud Native Broadband Network Gateway

Simplify service scalability with the Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Network Gateway (cnBNG). Rearchitect your network with cloud native agility capable of composing, delivering, and managing services on-demand and where your customers are.

Reimagine your broadband network gateway architecture

Integrate the power of cloud-native and utilize a control plane and user plane separation and evolve your Broadband Network Gateway for greater service agility, density, and automation. 

Improve service agility

Cloud native control plane brings in true agility and ease of service introduction through automation while scaling-in and scaling-out as needed.

Any access, all services

Customers can consume services from the access technology of their choice, enjoying a consistent experience, improving customer retention with service bundling.

Converge your subscriber management

Common support services, monitoring and activation systems that lower operating costs and enable new revenue generating services.

Get the support you need with Cisco

Keep moving forward with world-class technical support that goes above and beyond to resolve issues fast.


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