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Cisco Cloud Services Stack for Content Delivery At-a-Glance

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Updated:July 22, 2020

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Updated:July 22, 2020



      Improve content delivery Quality of Experience (QoE) through deeply embedded edge delivery nodes in the service provider network

      Create new business models and revenue through a flexible monetization platform

      Accelerate time to revenue through a growing ecosystem of content publishers on the platform

      Reduce infrastructure scaling costs through a cost-effective delivery model and edge computing architecture that optimizes network economics and peering requirements

      Scale fast and efficiently as traffic grows and usage profiles evolve through flexible service definition, full solution control, and comprehensive visibility that speeds analysis and insights

Improve streaming content delivery quality and reduce infrastructure scaling costs for your network

Streaming media traffic dominates your network during peak hours and, increasingly, all day long. Streaming growth consumes network capacity quickly and drives upgrades, and, if capacity does not keep up with demand, quality suffers. These conditions are made worse because you don’t have the control or visibility over content delivery to optimize infrastructure investments and service quality. Most content delivery comes via an increasingly fragmented number of over-the top providers, which requires you to invest in core and peering point capacity when the far better approach would be to deliver content from your network edge, closer to consumers. Today’s content delivery model will no longer scale. A new model is needed that will give you control and let you monetize delivery directly from content publishers.

Cisco and Qwilt have partnered to deliver full-stack, turn-key, managed content delivery solutions with carrier-grade infrastructure. The joint solution enables a new architecture and new business model for content delivery in which service provider-owned and -operated edge nodes are deeply embedded into last-mile networks. This new architecture means content delivery is optimized within the network, which improves quality and reduces scaling costs. The new business model means new revenue for service providers who collaborate directly with content publishers in the content delivery value chain.

This is the Cisco® Cloud Stack for Content Delivery. With it, service providers are leveraging the efficiency of an edge cloud architecture to handle the dramatic growth of streaming media across their networks. This solution also gives them greater control and visibility so they can respond faster and more intelligently to changing network conditions. This new solution for content delivery also enables new business models, customers, and revenue.

The current content delivery model no longer scales – a new model is needed

Current model results in suboptimal infrastructure, gaps in capacity, and poorer QoE

Growth of video

Cisco Cloud Services Stack for Content Delivery – A better way to deliver content

A full-stack, turn-key, managed content delivery solution offered through a partnership with Cisco and Qwilt. A new model in which content delivery services are deeply embedded in service provider networks.

Cisco Cloud Services Stack for Content Delivery

Improve quality and reduce scaling cost

Cisco Cloud Services Stack for Content Delivery improves quality, reduces scaling costs, and enables new customer relationships and revenue through a fully managed edge cloud architecture and innovative business model created through unique service provider partnerships.

Cisco Cloud Service Stack for Content Delivery enables you to:

      Deploy a solution that optimizes delivery of over-the-top content as well as your own managed content

      Gain the control and visibility you need to fully optimize content delivery resources in your network

      Leverage the global network of content publishers already onboard Qwilt’s Content Delivery Sharing service.

      Deploy the solution with no capital investment through a unique revenue share arrangement

      Leverage open caching specifications that enable federated content delivery in Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks. These were developed by the Streaming Video Alliance (SVA) and are being adopted by service providers and publishers around the world

Unlike other commercial and private Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), our solution gives you a full-stack, fully managed content delivery infrastructure with the resource control, performance visibility, configuration flexibility, and monetization capability you need to exactly match your network conditions and business requirements.

Start building your edge cloud for content delivery

For more information, see the Cisco and Qwilt edge cloud resources below and contact your Cisco representative today.

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Embrace service edge transformation to create greater value for your customer.

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