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Cisco Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM)

Simplify service delivery and reduce costs with high performance lifecycle management

Manage the full lifecycle of the software and hardware comprising your NFV infrastructure (NFVI) – maintaining a live inventory and allocation plan of both physical and virtual resources.

Build the foundation of your edge computing strategy and prepare for the 5G era.

Deliver high performance edge computing with

Lifecycle management of virtualized infrastructure

  • Manage your software and hardware
  • Control compute, storage and network resources
  • Maintain live inventory and resource allocation

Performance optimization

  • Understand your cloud or edge computing performance
  • Optimize your resources
  • Ensure high availability

Secure design

  • Minimize surface area for attacks
  • Validate deployment and operations
  • Utilize security best practices

Open source integrated tools for your cloud

Logs and visualization

Index, search, and analyze your data through centralized logging and visualization.

Data plane performance

Benchmark end-to-end data plane performance for virtual workloads and infrastructure in a production environment.

Control plane health

Monitor the health of your cloud’s control plane actively.

Virtual machine throughput and performance

Validate the data path and data plane performance of your cloud and edge.

Getting started

Make deploying and managing your cloud a simpler process

Download and install

Get the file and use the built-in, full service, automated installer. 

Get help

Unsure where or how to begin? With some of the most qualified engineers in the world, we can help.

Accelerate your telco cloud journey

Get help for your design, development and deployment with the right cloud strategy for your digital transformation. 

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