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Cisco Partners I Go Managed

Harness one of the highest-growth buying trends in IT.

With constantly evolving technologies, increasingly sophisticated security threats, and a desire to optimize resources, customers are turning to managed services to help them reach their goals and boost their agility. Provide your customers with Cisco-backed, industry leading solutions, to harness this growing trend and enhance your recurring revenue opportunities.

The future is managed


95% of organizations changed their technology priorities during the pandemic.

Source: AppDynamics, The Agents of Transformation Report 2020


Two-thirds of SD-WAN business is expected to go managed by 2025.

Source: Viewpoint Research, Managed SD-WAN Practices, 2021


Worldwide managed services revenue in the channel is expected to grow by 16% in 2021.

Source: Canalys: Assessing Q2 managed services growth in the channel - 29 June 2021

Globally, partners rated offering or expanding managed services as their #1 Cisco-aligned transformation goal.

-Cisco Voice of Partner Survey Q1CY2021

How you benefit


Widen margins and control costs with Cisco Provider pricing, rewards, market development funds, joint logo branding, and promotions.


Build cross-architecture offers that keep customers sticky and revenue growing. Leverage Cisco-driven insights to capture new service opportunities.


Build on our API driven principle of openness. Connect your Cisco-enabled solutions with other offers, management systems, billing tools and third-party applications.


Build on our industry-leading portfolio in collaboration, data center, networking, and security to create innovative solutions for customers.

Breadth of portfolio

Leave vendor sprawl behind: Embrace simplicity and streamline development by working with Cisco's comprehensive portfolio.

Partner success

Cisco uses a tailored approach to support you across product readiness, service creation, selling, and value exchange.

Enhance Your Cisco Practice

Discover the latest tools, benefits and examples of why providers win with Cisco.

Managed Services for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Find out how managed services providers use leading Cisco technology to reach small and medium-sized businesses.